Marc Scaringi: A Week of Accomplishments for Trump and Republicans


In just three days, President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party scored a historic political hat-trick that will help propel the president and the Republican Party to victory in 2020.

With the caucus disaster in Iowa, the Democratic Party proved it cannot run its own voting system in one small state, let alone major components of the U.S. economy. With the eyes of the nation waiting for the results, no score was put on the board. Even using the latest technology developed by high-ranking Democratic politicos-turned-tech-entrepreneurs, the system failed. As a result, no Democratic presidential candidate benefited from the “Big Mo” that comes from being the declared winner on election night.

Even though the president had nothing to do with this, he will benefit from the Democrats’ failure. The president, by the way, won the Republican caucuses, easily dismissing his two opponents with 97 percent of the vote and without any problems in the tabulation of the votes. The results were reported immediately and early that night for the world to see.

The eyes of the nation then turned from Iowa’s state capital to our nation’s capital.

In his third State of the Union address, the president appeared at the rostrum of the House of Representatives and delivered a speech considered by many on both sides of the aisle to be a home run.

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In a solemn yet proud voice, the president listed off some of the major accomplishments of his first three years in office – from the lowest levels of black and Hispanic unemployment in U.S. history to the exploding growth in incomes and net worth for lower-income workers. It was like a cascade of high notes leading to the crescendo: “This is a blue-collar boom.”

This will become a major theme in Trump’s re-election as he continues his political assault on the Democrats’ traditional, but perhaps now former, electoral strongholds in the industrial Midwest.

In addition to proving how he was making America great again, the president wove within his remarks a series of poignant and heartfelt tributes to the accomplishments of some great Americans. He honored one of the last of those heroic fighter pilots, the Tuskegee Airmen – a 100-year-old named Charles McGee, whom the president had promoted to brigadier general earlier that day.

He also lauded the sacrifice of the young humanitarian worker, Kayla Mueller, who provided relief to those suffering in war-torn Syria, until she was imprisoned and murdered by the ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. With the girl’s parents holding up a picture of their beautiful daughter, the president told of how our elite special-forces unit that killed al-Baghdadi used her birthdate as their mission’s code word and how America’s warriors never forgot Kayla. It was hard not to be moved by this example of the goodness and toughness of the American people.

Do you think Trump's State of the Union will contribute to his chances of re-election?

In an effort to both do good and expand political support for himself and the Republican Party, the president used the speech to tout some policy proposals that may appeal to potential new Republican constituencies.

He promoted his Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunities Act by awarding a tuition scholarship right there on national television to a smiling fourth-grade student from Philadelphia. She’s the daughter of a single mother who had to pull her out of the private Christian school she had attended because the $5,200 tuition was too much. The president blamed Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s vetoing of a $100-million expansion of the state’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit. Now, Mom can return her daughter to private school, if that’s her choice, thanks to Trump.

Look for the president to continue his appeal to inner-city and black voters. Even his staunchest critics are pointing out how his programs are benefiting black Americans and are worried about his effectiveness in bringing about Blexit.

The day after his State of the Union address, the president scored the most important win of his presidency.

The Senate found him not guilty of both articles of impeachment, with only one Republican senator voting against him. With his acquittal, the president has delivered perhaps the biggest blow of all to the Democratic Party and revealed the incompetence of Democrats in the House for bringing half-baked impeachment articles without having finished their own work.

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Even worse for Democrats, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knew she would never have the votes in the Senate to convict. Yet in a political blunder of historic proportions, she led her party down the path to acquittal and possibly to electoral doom this fall.

From Iowa to the rostrum of the House to the well of the Senate, the president has achieved a remarkable political hat-trick, defeating the Democrats at every turn. The president now enjoys his highest approval ratings ever.

Perhaps that’s why Pelosi, in a tantrum that would make the typical toddler proud, angrily ripped up the president’s State of the Union speech on national television. That’s because the speech proves how Trump and the Republicans are winning, winning, winning and how Pelosi and the Democrats are, well, not.

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Marc A. Scaringi, Esq., is an attorney in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a radio talk show host of “The Marc Scaringi Show” on WHP and iHeart Radio and a Donald J. Trump-endorsed delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention. Follow Marc on Twitter @MarcScaringi