Mary Beth Brown: COVID Gave Leftists the Perfect Opportunity To Steal Our Freedoms


“The ultimate, stated aim of Marxist teaching is the complete eradication of all religion.” — Chinese Dissident Brother Yun

With a prosecutor threatening fines, jail time of up to a year and forced closure if they continue to meet in person at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, it’s time for everyone to pay attention and ask, “What’s next? At what point will the government stop their abuse of their power?”

When I wrote my best-selling biography of Ronald Reagan, I was fascinated by his 40-year battle against communism.

Many people don’t realize that Reagan’s fight against communism started as early as the 1940s when he returned to Hollywood after serving in WWII. This is when communists were trying to take over the film industry.

Communist cells organized a long and bloody strike against the studios. They employed violent tactics including the bombings of cars and homes. Reagan had threats made against him and his family. The FBI informed him of a communist plot to throw acid in his face if he didn’t back down from his crusade.

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One reason Reagan fought so hard against the Marxists was their abuse of power.

He recalled later, “Throughout my life, I guess there’s been one thing that’s troubled me more than any other: the abuse of people and the theft of their democratic rights, whether by a totalitarian government, an employer or anyone else.”

Reagan’s heart fueled his unrelenting fight against communism. When asked what stopped their subversive plans in Hollywood, one communist operative replied, “We ran into a one-man battalion named Ronnie Reagan.”

In the ’60s, Reagan often spoke at anti-communism rallies.

Do you think Marxists are trying to use the coronavirus to take away our freedoms?

At one of these events, a man with tears in his eyes came up to the stage to speak with the future president. The man said, “I love my little girls more than anything. But I would rather see my little girls die now, still believing in God than have them grow up under communism and one day die no longer believing in God.”

This man’s impassioned comments had a deep and lasting effect on Reagan, and he would share this story many times over the years. The father’s concerns confirmed why Reagan would continue to fight so passionately against the oppressions of communism until the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed.

Chuck Colson explained the stark differences between Christianity and communism in his book “Kingdoms in Conflict”: “The Christian believes that the dynamic of all history is spiritual, that its unfolding reveals God’s dealings with men, that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and that at the end of history, He will reign over all the nations. For Marxists, the material realm is all there is. God and the spiritual order are illusions. … Communists are materialists and determinists; individuals count for nothing, the collective or state for everything.”

Colson went on to observe that Christianity and communism are also at odds because “each is a religion and each is inherently expansive and evangelistic.”

Although Marxists claim their system is scientific, Colson wrote that anyone who has visited communist countries knows better. Communists have their own “saints” (Marxist philosophers) whom they study with the same reverence Christians give the Bible.

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“May Day marches and other public ceremonies are atheistic liturgies whereby unbelievers worship the superiority of unbelief,” he wrote.

Marxism is a religion, Colson explained, because it attempts to explain reality and believes one day, after class struggles against capitalism, man will reach utopia in a classless society.

Christians and Jews are especially persecuted and killed in these countries because they are the enemy and pose such a threat to communism’s world domination.

Which brings us to today.

Democratic governors from states like California and Washington are using COVID-19 to stop churches from meeting. Pastors have been arrested in some states. Churches that meet have had threats of electric power and other government services terminated.

Undue restrictions and regulations on religion like these, and others, are new to America.

Pastor John MacArthur has been battling the state of California and calls the restrictions there “tyranny.”

Trying to wake up complacent Americans and church leaders, MacArthur said on a radio show in July: “It doesn’t start with massacring six million Jews. It doesn’t start with massacre, 13 million people between Russia and Germany and the killing fields in those years, the late ’30s and early ’40s. It starts this way. It starts with intrusion into the life of the church and the violation of law by the governor.”

Maybe you don’t go to church, so the government closing of churches is no big deal to you, but you should take note now because closing churches is just the beginning of the Marxist tyranny which may eventually take away other rights that you care about, such as your right to own guns, protest peacefully, control your health care and speak your opinion freely.

So at what point will Democrats and Marxists stop their abuse of power?

Now’s not the time to become complacent.

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Mary Beth Brown is a New York Times best-selling author of "The Faith of Ronald Reagan." She sits on the board of Liftable Media Inc., the parent company of The Western Journal.
Mary Beth Brown is the New York Times best-selling author of "The Faith of Ronald Reagan." She sits on the board of Liftable Media Inc., the parent company of The Western Journal.