Massive Troop Deployment Happening in DC, Biden Will Have More Soldiers Guarding Him Than We Have Stationed in Afghanistan


More troops will be in Washington for next week’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden than there will be fighting in Afghanistan.

NPR, citing federal and local security officials, reported as many as 20,000 National Guard troops will be in the District of Columbia on Wednesday. Troops will converge on the area from every corner of the country.

According to, as of December, 4,000 service members were in Afghanistan, where a war is still raging after 20 years. That number was slated to be scaled back to 2,500 troops by mid-January.

After a chaotic year in 2020, followed by an incursion at the Capitol last week, Washington essentially has its own army. It’s not a good look. Posts on social media from DC show the district is a police state.

Following the Jan. 6 riot by pro-Trump demonstrators, Washington has been transformed into a massive military complex. Thousands of troops are in place everywhere, apparently preparing to defend it from something that isn’t coming — Republicans.

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Those on the left own political violence, no matter how much they play up the events of last week, which were a universally condemned one-off. This is all a big show:

Democrats have an optics problem with this one after they spent last year openly or tacitly supporting political violence and criticizing law enforcement. They are, as usual, everything they accuse their opponents of being. They’ve twice impeached a “fascist” in President Donald Trump who doesn’t even have a platform to defend himself.

They or their allies in the mainstream media or Big Tech have used the Capitol incursion as an excuse to cancel free speech for some, to threaten others and to turn the country’s capital into a military zone that looks more like Pyongyang than the seat of political power in the United States.

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Do you remember when The New York Times forced out an editor last year who published an Op-Ed by GOP Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas arguing that military force might be needed to quell mass leftist rioting in cities across the country last summer? Neither do Democrats, apparently.

Times editor James Bennet resigned in June after Cotton wrote a piece that argued it was time to “Send In the Troops,” Politico reported.

Cotton argued that the massive civil unrest wasn’t about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody and that “nihilist criminals are simply out for loot and the thrill of destruction, with cadres of left-wing radicals like antifa infiltrating protest marches to exploit Floyd’s death for their own anarchic purposes.”

“One thing above all else will restore order to our streets: an overwhelming show of force to disperse, detain and ultimately deter lawbreakers. But local law enforcement in some cities desperately needs backup, while delusional politicians in other cities refuse to do what’s necessary to uphold the rule of law,” the senator wrote. “In these circumstances, the Insurrection Act authorizes the president to employ the military ‘or any other means’ in ‘cases of insurrection, or obstruction to the laws.'”

Someone actually lost his job for allowing a sitting senator to call for a deadly pattern of rioting nationwide to be squashed by boots on the ground, if necessary.

Now, our Alinksyite friends will coronate Biden next week during an inauguration that will be viewed in person mainly by troops and the reporters who propped up the 78-year-old all of last year like those two dorks did with their boss in 1989’s “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

A newly inaugurated president who thumbs his nose at roughly half of the country’s voters will be surrounded by soldiers during a ceremony where those who haven’t yet been silenced online will have to hold back on their critical comments or face potential internet expulsion.

The tables sure have turned in six months.

Nothing will help drive home the “free and fair election” and “unity” narratives like such a spectacle. But Democrats will insist all those troops are necessary to protect the country from conservatives.

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