Matt Walsh Reveals His 'Crime' Involving Dylan Mulvaney Will Cost Him Over $100K Per Month


The self-appointed arbiters of speech at YouTube have taken it upon themselves to demonetize the vastly popular Matt Walsh.

The conservative commentator announced last week the video platform had removed his ability to earn revenue from his work on the site, where he has more than 2.6 million subscribers.

“As I announced during my speech tonight, YouTube has demonetized my show and threatened to ban us if we don’t respect the pronouns of trans people,” Walsh tweeted April 19.

“I’d rather take my show off YouTube than cooperate with that nonsense. So I am,” he said. “Starting Monday you can find my show free for everyone on Daily Wire. We’ll post it here to Twitter too. And on every other platform where you get your podcasts.

“I’m not going to forfeit my integrity for the sake of YouTube ad revenue. But I’m also not going to go off to the hinterlands somewhere and languish in obscurity. We’re going to make the show bigger and more accessible on even more platforms. That’s how we’re responding.”

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Walsh has become a household name over at The Daily Wire and went viral for last year’s “What is a Woman?” documentary, which took a poignant aim at the transgender movement, something that has gained alarming traction in the United States.

On Tuesday, he talked about the demonetization on his YouTube channel.

“So on Monday afternoon, I was informed that YouTube was demonetizing my channel,” Walsh said. “This was the first step towards a possible permanent demonetization or banishment from the platform entirely.”

The Daily Wire host expounded upon the frustratingly vague policies YouTube hides behind in order to deplatform users at will, while not explaining how offending users specifically violated those said policies.

“They accused me of engaging in hateful conduct which supposedly ran afoul of both their community guidelines and their ads guidelines,” he said.

The conservative commentator lamented that YouTube has unilaterally taken down a number of his videos, which garner hundreds of thousands of views on average.

“And now they’re taking away our ads, which is a penalty of more than $100,000 per month, that’s what it adds up to,” he said.

Walsh pointed to a common theme in the “infractions” cited in his recent video posts.

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“They wouldn’t tell us why they were infractions, but they said that … all three of them had to do with Dylan Mulvaney, coincidentally, and they all seemed to involve the crime of quote-unquote misgendering,” he said.

“So for example, one of the violations occurred when I referred to Mulvaney as a, quote, guy. That was a violation.”

“Yet, a path to remonetization is available,” Walsh said. “It seems that we can get back into YouTube’s good graces, get our monetization back by simply respecting preferred pronouns and refraining from offering any meaningful critiques of gender ideology.”

“In other words, all I have to do to get all of that back is forfeit my integrity and betray all of my deepest-held principles,” he said. “That’s it.”

Walsh continued, “Now, not to skip ahead, but I can tell you that … my answer to that offer is not only no but hell no.”

He went on to discuss how his Twitter account was hacked shortly after this upsetting edict from YouTube.

“This should not dissuade us, OK?” the Daily Wire host said. “We shouldn’t be discouraged by the viciousness of our opponents but motivated by it.

“It couldn’t possibly be more clear who is on the wrong side and who is on the right side. This is about as black and white as a cultural divide can possibly get. There is one side that hates the truth, rejects the truth in principle and wishes total destruction on everyone who speaks it.

“All you have to do is choose the side that is not that side.”

He continued, “Now it may require courage to take that kind of stand, but at least you’ll know where to stand. There’s not any confusion about this.”

Walsh said he wasn’t surprised by attacks like the YouTube demonetization and the Twitter account hack.

Do you agree with Matt Walsh’s decision to not back down?

“Mostly I’m getting exactly what I expected from the vicious, bloodthirsty rage mob and its leaders in Big Tech, and it has not dissuaded me even slightly. I still will not back down by an inch or compromise at all.

“I’ve told you many times that I would rather be dead than surrender to these people, and I meant it.”

Walsh’s steadfast defense of his faith and integrity appears to be bearing good fruit.

According to “The Matt Walsh Show” Twitter page, his show surpassed even fellow Daily Wire star Ben Shapiro’s show this week and was a top 5 trending show on both Spotify and Apple in the “News” category.

While I do not agree with Walsh regarding his Catholic eschatology, it is admirable that he has not bent the knee to YouTube for the love of (substantial) ad revenue.

Romans 11:4 says, “But what is God’s reply to him? ‘I have kept for myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.'”

Pray for Matt Walsh and his steadfast resistance to a satanic gender agenda that has led to many bending the knee to their own eternal destruction.

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