Christians Beware: 'Sparkle Creed' Openly Mocks God in Most Blasphemous Way


Micah 2:1 refers to the wicked and how they stay up at night thinking up evil in their beds.

One of these newest evils comes in the open blaspheming of one of the oldest creeds of the Christian faith known as the “Apostles’ Creed” or the “Old Roman Creed.”

The Apostles’ Creed dates back as far as the 4th Century AD and has stood as an affirming statement of faith for Western Christianity ever since.

The Apostles’ Creed stated, “I believe in God the Father almighty; and in Christ Jesus His only Son, our Lord, Who was born from the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, Who under Pontius Pilate was crucified and buried, on the third day rose again from the dead,
ascended into heaven, sits at the right hand of the Father, whence he will come to judge the living and the dead; and in the Holy Spirit, the holy Church, the remission of sins, the resurrection of the flesh, and life everlasting.”

An interesting breakdown of the history of this creed can be found here.

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Acolytes of Satan, however, are openly waging war on the Apostles’ Creed with a demonically conjured “modern” interpretation of their own and are proudly leading parishioners in affirming its blasphemy.

According to Religion Unplugged, “the Edina Community Lutheran Church in Minneapolis created a stir recently by posting part of a Pride Month service that featured a radically modernized take on the faith passed down through the ages — the Sparkle Creed.”

Anna Helgen is a known co-pastor at the church and can be seen leading her “congregation” in affirming this desecration of the original creed during a “pride” month “sermon.”

Have you ever heard of the “Sparkle Creed”?

Helgen stated, “I believe in the non-binary God whose pronouns are plural. I believe in Jesus Christ, their child, who wore a fabulous tunic and had two dads and saw everyone as a sibling-child of God. I believe in the rainbow Spirit, who shatters our image of one white light and refracts it into a rainbow of gorgeous diversity, I believe in the church of everyday saints as numerous, creative and resilient as patches on the AIDS quilt, whose feet are grounded in mud and whose eyes gaze at the stars in wonder. I believe in the calling to each of us that love is love is love, so beloved, let us love. I believe, glorious God. Help my unbelief.”

The most disturbing part of Helgen’s heinous doctrine of hell was that most of the congregation said “amen” at its close.

While this “sparkle creed” appears to be spreading quickly in blue states like Minnesota, it did not originate there.

According to Religion Unplugged, Rev. Rachel Small Stokes who hails from Immanuel United Church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky, originated the “creed.”

A Facebook post from June of 2021 from First Community Church UCC Dallas credits Stokes as being the satanic medium through which this new blasphemy was spawned as she shared her “inspiration” with the Facebook page.

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Stokes tagged her post with: “Backstory: I was voice-to-texting ‘the Apostle’s creed’ to a colleague, and it translated as ‘The Sparkle Creed.’ I decided that’s exactly what we need for Pride Month. So here’s my first jab at it. Feel free to share if it moves you.”

One could write a lengthy thesis about the number of heresies riddled in this egregious testament to Satan.

Stokes made sure to challenge God’s status as a Holy Father, insinuating that Jesus was gay (fabulous) and had two gay fathers, blasphemes the Holy Spirit with attributing Its power to a demonic “rainbow spirit” that vaguely fights “whiteness,” and made sure to use LGBT’s favorite slogan: “love is love.”

Pray for the state of this country as we see more blasphemous filth like the “Sparkle Creed” begin to spread and take hold of future generations that are being indoctrinated by “Christian leaders” like Stokes and Helgen who clearly hate God and His Word.

Galatians 1:8: “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

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