Mayor of California City Resigns After Sick Joke About Trump Supporters and KKK


Elected Democrats, who have a penchant for portraying themselves as virtuous mavericks working toward progress, have a leadership problem that has trickled down from the upper echelons of government to the smallest of communities.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped nearly every aspect of American life, Democratic leadership has failed American citizens who are in need of adequate and appropriate response from the government.

Liberals have weaponized the coronavirus outbreak in order to attempt to harm President Donald Trump’s re-election chances and to smear conservatives who support the president.

It is an immoral game played by people who diminish democracy at every turn.

Sadly, the trend of Democrats attacking the president as Americans become sick and die from a foreign illness is not isolated to Washington, D.C.

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One California town is going through a change in leadership after its mayor decided his time during the national pandemic was best spent attacking Trump supporters online.

KTXL-TV reported that Auburn, California, Mayor William Kirby is resigning after he compared Trump supporters to members of the Ku Klux Klan in one of those posts on Facebook.

The report said Kirby recently shared a photo of a hooded Klan member and commented, “Good news for Trump supporters is that most of them already have masks.”

KTXL reporter Bridgette Bjorlo shared a screen shot of the post along with a statement from Kirby.

Do you think this mayor reflects the views of most Democrats?

“The mayor of Auburn, CA is facing backlash tonight over controversial social media posts. One post appears to equate Trump supporters to members of the KKK,” Bjorlo wrote.

“Mayor Bill Kirby has been a vocal critic of Pres Trump but community members say this crossed the line. Here’s his response,” the reporter added.

Kirby said in the statement he regretted the post, which has been deleted, but he doubled down on his criticism of the president and Trump supporters.

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“Some people have viewed my posts, which were meant to be private and made out of frustration, as over the top. Some were and I regret that,” the mayor wrote.

“The president has put us all at risk. I believe history will judge those who stood up against damaging policies and ideologies and those that did not,” he added.

It is laughable that the mayor, who is also a physician, would talk about “damaging policies and ideologies” when the only policy position being pushed by Democratic lawmakers seems to be to further divide a nation along racial and ideological lines as it struggles with a pandemic.

Luckily for the residents of Auburn, Kirby has decided to fall on his sword and resign.

He announced Monday at a video City Council meeting that he will step down as mayor later this month, KTXL reported.

That time can’t come soon enough for a population that, like the rest of the country, is likely looking for competent leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kirby’s statement explaining his post reeked of moral superiority.

But morality for far-left Democrats is a paradox. How can a people whose precepts change with the wind possibly vilify everyday Americans simply for supporting their president?

Democrats such as Kirby exhibit such faux outrage when criticizing Trump or conservatives as bigoted rednecks who are on the wrong side of history.

How can the far left even attempt to project such superiority when they have no standards of which to measure morality?

What Kirby left out of his Facebook post was that Democrats were the ones adorning white hoods and erecting monuments of confederate civil war icons.

This is the party that favors late-term abortion and even infanticide and aims to force women and girls to share restrooms with adult men.

Democrats have no moral authority — on any issue.

So it’s rich that during a national emergency, a man as small as William Kirby would invoke the Ku Klux Klan when referring to patriotic Americans.

Kirby’s elitist attitude and political views prevented him from doing the job the citizens of Auburn hired him to do. Instead of managing his city through a crisis, he debased himself by sharing hateful rhetoric.

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