McCain's 3-Word Plea to Biden Spells Trouble for the Future of America


After eight years and countless scandals, American conservatives breathed a sigh of relief when the Obama-Biden era finally came to a close.

Alright, a few on the right replaced that sigh with a shriek of horror when Donald Trump took office, but it’s a safe assumption that the majority of Republicans were glad to be done with Obama and Biden in 2017.

That liberal era might not be over after all. Like a nightmare or a bad taco, Joe Biden keeps coming back. The former vice president has hinted that he’s exploring a White House run, and now one of the most well-known Republican senators in the country seems to be encouraging him.

According to The New York Times, Senator John McCain recently told Biden to “not walk away” from politics.

“The Republican senator encouraged the former Democratic vice president to ‘not walk away’ from politics, as Mr. Biden put it before refusing to discuss a possible 2020 presidential run,” the newspaper reported.

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While discussing a recent meeting with McCain, Biden dropped hints that the Arizona senator is still deeply troubled by President Trump.

“Here John knows he’s in a very, very, very precarious situation, and yet he’s still concerned about the state of the country,” the former vice president told the Times. “We talked about how our international reputation is being damaged and we talked about the need for people to stand up and speak out.”

It’s rather revealing that John McCain apparently trusts Joe Biden with America’s future over Donald Trump. Charges of being a soft Republican or “RINO” have plagued McCain for years, and reports like this only damage his reputation among conservatives even further.

So do reports that the 2008 Republican candidate wanted to choose Al Gore’s one-time running mate as the vice president of the United States.

Can you imagine a Biden presidency?

In a soon-to-be released book and documentary, McCain partially blamed his loss to Barack Obama on not being middle-of-the-road enough.

“Mr. McCain uses the documentary and the book to unburden himself about not selecting Mr. Lieberman, a Democrat-turned-independent, as his running mate,” reported the Times.

“He recalls that his advisers warned him that picking a vice-presidential candidate who caucused with Democrats and supported abortion rights would divide Republicans and doom his chances,” the newspaper went on.

Whether or not any Republican could have defeated Barack Obama in the early “hope and change” era of 2008 is debatable. There is a certain irony, however, in a twice-failed presidential loser giving political advice to the opposing running mate who beat him.

Between fawning over Joe Lieberman and now Biden, it’s almost as if McCain secretly wanted to be a Democrat all along.

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John McCain has certainly served his country many times over, but the truth is that calling for Joe Biden to stay in politics is terrible advice. The 75-year-old former vice president already had his time in the spotlight. It was a scandal-heavy disaster for the country.

Americans sent a clear message in the 2016 election: Enough of the Clintons and Obamas and Bidens. Time for a new direction. Both John McCain and Vice President Biden have lived full lives and careers; maybe there is wisdom in knowing when to bow out of politics with dignity.

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