Media Gushing on Inauguration Day Gives Us a Preview of How the Biden Presidency Will Be Covered


The country’s hedonistic corporate media is fundamentally broken, and nothing demonstrated that fact better than the unhinged reaction to President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Biden was sworn in as president at midday on Wednesday, surrounded by National Guard soldiers and Lady Gaga.

No excited crowds, no smiling supporters and all those masks helped to project some very despotic imagery, which matched the authoritarian rhetoric that those who counted the votes in November told us ascended Biden to the presidency.

That presidency will presumably deliver many threats to the rights of people who want to live their lives in freedom by making their own decisions.

Millions of Americans simply want to speak without being muzzled by leftist tech geeks, attend their respective religious services and preserve their rights to protect themselves and their families.

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Democrats want to take away individual gun rights, expand abortion access, offer amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and cancel church services for ornery Americans while they can worship at the altar of social justice.

Sadly, the reporters who are tasked with telling us the truth about matters of extreme importance celebrated Biden as if he were a deity on Wednesday.

As Bill D’Agostino of the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters blog wrote, “It’s not as though anyone actually expected TV newsrooms across America to cover today’s inauguration objectively. But boy, did they lay it on thick.”

The MRC put together a reel of some of the lowlights from Wednesday:

But the establishment media’s so-called journalists were also flocking to social media to share their collective jubilation:

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The establishment media’s love affair with Biden is only beginning. The same media that never gave President Donald Trump a chance — and ignored his accomplishments while demonizing his supporters — will almost certainly spend Biden’s term protecting and defending all things government.

When your only religion is government, apparently a Democrat’s inauguration is a lot like Easter. In all my time around the establishment media and its reporters, I’ve met very few people who didn’t hold Christians, conservatives or other non-leftists in open contempt.

These are, far and wide, very troubled people who in many cases raise dogs and cats as children and wake up at 2 a.m. to chase stories and later lie about them on television or online.

The rot is top to bottom, as is evident by these sickening reactions to the pageantry in the country’s capital Wednesday. While an inauguration in and of itself is something to celebrate, what the country’s activist media did was uncork the bottle to celebrate its own success after years of combat.

On Wednesday, most reporters began a new chapter in their lives, which is to see them operating as the de facto state media for a Democratic White House and Congress.

They called us all racists and fascists for more than four years. Now, they’re calling us all domestic terrorists. The gloating, lying, gaslighting and overall toxic dishonesty has only just begun.

The vast media apparatus collectively took a break from its Trump derangement syndrome, and we saw that many of these people are capable of making gracious statements and conveying a sense of humility — just as long as it’s toward someone with whom they agree.

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