Media Matters Releases New Video of Tucker Cracking Jokes, Being Polite to Makeup Artist: 'Class Act'


A damning new video of Tucker Carlson’s behavior off-camera during his time at Fox News shows him telling jokes, laughing with a subordinate, and treating her as a dignified and unique human being.

Another Media Matters “FOXLEAKS” video dropped on Thursday and just like the others, it is working to solidify Carlson’s standing as an all-around good person with his fans.

Previous clips which were meant to harm his image showed him joking about menopause and expressing his disdain for “slimy” lawyers.

Media Matters began releasing the clips earlier this week as part of a drip campaign to smear cable news’ former top-rated host.

Thus far, the clips of Carlson speaking off the cuff during moments he never intended to become public have endeared him to existing fans and led others who never watched his show to see a side of him they really like.

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That did not dissuade Media Matters senior fellow Matthew Gertz from dropping this gem on Thursday, which shows Carlson asking a makeup artist about what went on in the ladies’ room at Fox News.

“Can I ask you a question?” Carlson asked a woman who was applying pre-show makeup to him. “You don’t have to answer, it’s personal.”

Do you like Tucker Carlson more after watching these videos?

After the woman gave him the green light, he said, “I’m not speaking of you, but more in general with ladies, when they go to the ladies room and ‘powder their noses,’ is there actually nose-powdering going on?”

She responded, “Sometimes.”

“I like the sound of that,” Carlson joked.

The makeup artist responded, “Most of the time, it’s lipstick.”

He then asked, “Do pillow fights ever break out? You don’t have to [answer].”

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“Not in the bathroom,” she responded.

“Not in the bathroom,” he said thoughtfully. “That’d be more a dorm activity.”

The interaction ended with Carlson telling the woman, “You are such a good sport. Such a good person. Thank you.”

Gertz was met with predictable mockery on Twitter over him and Media Matters collectively pretending they have something akin to the Watergate tapes:

Someone is working with Media Matters to try and tarnish Carlson in the wake of his separation from Fox News.

But even out the most out-of-context moments they share have shown him to be nothing but fun, relatable, gracious, and honest.

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