Medical Professionals Are Sharing Stories on Twitter That Are Leaving Readers in Tears


We all love stories, whether they come in the form of a song, a book, a movie, or a narrative from a friend. But lately there has been a trend on Twitter that packs a punch of a story in just a few short lines.

Medical professionals of all kinds are using 280 characters to share some of their most heartwarming and bittersweet stories with the world.

A lot of them are tales of hope of nearly impossible odds beaten and death sentences turned on their heads.

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There are quite a few like this, where more than one life is saved. Being a doctor or nurse is a noble but draining career, and there are plenty of times where you will be used up and burned out.

But then sometimes you have an incident like this one and it’s a positive meeting. You save someone’s life, and they — by simply living and reminding you of that fact — save yours.

Some people are just helpers, no matter how bad a state they are in. They can’t seem to help but reach out and nurture those around them.

Especially in a hospital though… of all places, when you are the patient but have the patience and concern to ask your attendant how they are, that’s true charity.

Your priorities shift when you face your mortality. The things that once bothered you or kept you up at night are meaningless.

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Sometimes you have to make decisions for the greater good that will get you into hot water, like the writer of this tweet did. But usually those decisions are their own reward.

There’s nothing like a story that starts out dark and ends with a wonderful twist.

And it’s a boost for those who work in places like the ER, where they generally see worst-case scenarios. It’s uplifting to experience the best-case, too — and in this case, the joy was doubled!

Whenever children are involved, the tension runs a little higher. The passing of someone who has had a life well lived is one thing, but having to say goodbye just after you say hello is another kind of horror altogether.

It’s nice to hear that sometimes the littlest ones do thrive and that despite all the odds and advice, some people do persist and do what they know in their hearts to be right.

In most cases, misinformation or a misdiagnosis is absolutely appalling, and those hit by it feel deceived.

But it works both ways, and sometimes a misdiagnosis is the best news a person can get.

We hope you enjoyed these examples of perseverance and human kindness. Make sure if you have a medical professional in your life that you thank them for all their hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.

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