Meet the Radical Anti-U.S. Marxists Behind the Migrant Caravan


A mob of foreigners numbering nearly 10,000 is streaming toward the U.S. border, moving steadily like an army on the march. The left insists that it is organic — an innocent group of refugees just trying to escape hardship.

But there is far more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye.

After digging into the background of a man who authorities believe organized the caravan and pouring over Spanish-language sources, some eye-opening facts have been uncovered.

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There is strong evidence that Bartolo Fuentes, a far-left organizer who is a key part of the Central American caravan, is more radical than previously reported. In fact, he is an avowed socialist and Marxist who is motivated to retaliate against the United States.

Also connected to the supposedly “organic” caravan are numerous Central American communist groups, which openly despise the U.S. and have pledged to “conquer” it.

First, Fuentes. News outlets have already mentioned his name as one of the likely organizers of the migrant caravan, which began in Honduras and is now moving as a horde north through Mexico.

“Guatemalan police officers detained Bartolo Fuentes, a former Honduran lawmaker, from the middle of the large crowd that he and three other organizers had led from San Pedro Sula, Honduras,” Reuters reported on Oct. 16.

That’s true, but there is much more to this man. The Honduran political party that Fuentes is part of is the Partido Libertad y Refundación, also known by its Spanish abbreviation “LIBRE.”

“It is necessary to defeat the opposing forces … and the American empire” – Bartolo Fuentes, Caravan Leader

Forget what you know about “mild” liberalism here in the U.S. The “LIBRE” party is a communist-socialist group that openly wants to replace the government in Honduras.

“LIBRE proposes to lead Honduras to socialism and repeal the constitution,” declared a 2014 headline from El Heraldo, one of that country’s major newspapers. (Original Spanish source)

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Connected to Fuentes is one of his close political allies and friends, Manuel Zelaya. If you recognize that name, it’s because he is the former president of Honduras who was forcibly removed from office in 2009 after moving toward the communist far-left, allying with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and trying to change the constitution in order to stay in power.

That incident is important because it cemented a hatred of the United States among the ex-president and his allies. As their own words show, members of the Honduran far-left blame “gringos” for what they claim was a coup. Suffice it to say, they haven’t forgotten 2009.

Like Fuentes, Zelaya is now part of LIBRE. The two socialists are such good pals that Zelaya personally met Fuentes at the airport after the latter was deported from Guatemala for his role in organizing the massive caravan of illegal immigrants.

“The militant of the leftist Libertad y Refundacion (LIBRE) party was received at the Toncontín airport by dozens of people, including former President Manuel Zelaya Rosales,” reported El Heraldo (In Spanish).

One look at Zelaya’s recent posts on Twitter makes it clear that he is loudly supporting the caravan, and is closely following and defending it as it moves toward the U.S. border.

Although Fuentes is currently denying being an organizer of the massive Marxist-backed caravan (most likely to avoid trouble in Honduras), he previously admitted his and LIBRE’s major role — and authorities are now sure that he was behind it.

“(The organizers) are companions from there from El Progreso that I have known them in LIBRE, they are very much fighters,” he told Honduran newspaper El Corresponsal.


“The caravan has been organized and promoted by an ideological political movement that is related to radical interests and organized crime that has sought to politically destabilize the country and is now taking advantage of and deceiving innocent people,” María Dolores Agüero, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Honduras, confirmed to El Heraldo.

Honduran officials have called out Fuentes and the socialist-communist “LIBRE” party by name.

“Bartolo Fuentes has promoted irregular migratory movements, under deceit and false promises for nationals, whose manifestations circulate clearly in social networks,” the government official continued. (Original Spanish article)

“(The) Honduran government says that journalist Bartolo Fuentes leads a political movement that deceived migrants to go to the US to seek refuge,” Forbes Mexico confirmed on Monday.

There’s no doubt that the socialist Fuentes, far-left ex-president Zelaya, and their socialist “LIBRE” party are all interconnected behind the scenes of the caravan. But it gets even more alarming.

Communists within Honduras admit to seeing the caravan as a tool to help “conquer” the United States, and Fuentes himself has used language that promotes militant radicalism.

“It is necessary to defeat the opposing forces, which are fundamentally the oligarchy … and the American empire that for now is embodied in the gringo ultra-right that sponsored the coup d’état against President Zelaya,” Fuentes declared in a blog post. (Emphasis added)

Note that the original Spanish post used the term “norteamericano” and “gringa,” both of which clearly refer to the U.S. specifically.

“The Resistance Front must help organize all those sectors and others that we did not mention and achieve conquests in favor of the people right now,” Fuentes continued. (Emphasis added. Original Spanish)

These statements make Fuentes sound like a would-be Fidel Castro, and leave no doubt that he and his “LIBRE” compatriots are deeply bitter about the 2009 removal of Zelaya — and they blame the United States.

The establishment media has thus far reported on the caravan and the people behind it in sympathetic and humanitarian terms … but certainly a pledge to “defeat the American empire” from its main organizer deserves a bit of attention.

Somehow the media forgot to report that part.

But there’s more. Extremist communist outlets in Central America have bragged about the migrant caravan as one of their anti-American weapons.

“The caravan with which Honduras will conquer the United States,” boasted a Twitter account belonging to the Partido Socialista Centroamericano, or Central American Socialist Party.


A lengthy article in Spanish linked from that post waxes poetic about “great migrations of armed hordes” throughout history and longs for those days to return. That’s particularly alarming in light of emerging reports that members of the caravan are armed with firebombs and guns.

Another Spanish-language article from the Central American Socialist Party calls Bartolo Fuentes a “comrade” and makes it clear that they’re on the same extreme-left page.

Yet another brags about the “dirty flag of stars and stripes” being lit on fire by radicals in the caravan, and praises the horde of migrants as one of the anti-American weapons that will give way to “socialist revolution.”

Fuentes’ social media presence is a fuente of anti-American hatred. In a post from 2017, he calls on his far-left comrades to rise against the “Yankee Empire and its military,” while he declares “Oh, the Yankees (Americans)? ¡A la mierda!” This translates closely to “F*** them.”

If there was any remaining doubt about the Marxist origins of the migrant caravan, consider this: One of the largest Marxist communities online has openly backed the movement from their official website, (oh, the irony.)

“Only the unity of the Central American, Mexican and Latin American peoples will be able to overthrow the capitalist system,” In Defence of Marxism declared in an October post meant to rally socialists behind the caravan. So much for the claim that they just want better jobs.

Here’s a simple question.

If a mob was headed toward the United States in numbers that made it look like an army, and there was strong evidence that the people behind it were radical far-right fascists who hate America …

… do you think that would grab headlines?

That’s exactly what seems to be happening right now, except the leaders are far-left communists instead. Because of this, the establishment media appears to be jaw-droppingly incurious about asking questions or following connections.

Yet it was radical socialism and communism which led to endless misery in places like Venezuela and the horrific deaths of millions worldwide.

If one truly cares about humanism and truth, maybe they should remember that … and start asking some hard questions.

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