Meghan Markle Humiliated: Royal's Woke Charity Raised Pathetic Amount of Cash in 2020


Meghan Markle’s fundraising efforts are as forgettable as her middling acting career, based on the paltry donations her woke “charitable foundation” has garnered from her supposed legions of fans.

Archewell — the left-wing foundation Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, set up in 2020 — raised just $50,000 in its first year, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

In contrast, the exiled royal couple spent more than $55,000 on legal fees just to set up the fundraising vehicle, according to IRS documents reviewed by the Mail.

The laughable lack of donations is shocking given the nonstop barrage of gushing liberal media coverage Markle and her husband have received since quitting their roles as senior royals two years ago.

In June 2020, the duke and duchess of Sussex claimed that they wanted to prioritize promoting the Black Lives Matter agenda over shilling their Archewell charity because of the global pandemic. Huh?

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Whatever the reason for the meager donations their leftist charity scored, one thing is clear: Markle’s influence is dwindling.

She and her husband were lampooned on Twitter for their foundation’s dismal haul.

Markle has been widely criticized as a social-climbing opportunist who’s trying to destroy the British royal family. Regardless of your opinion about the monarchy, there’s no denying its place in European history.

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Her estranged father, Thomas Markle, has excoriated his actress-daughter as a money-grubbing fame monger.

Markle — who raised Meghan from ages 11 to 18 — said he’s disappointed because his daughter wanted to be rich and famous all her life, but when she finally trapped her prince, she destroyed his family.

“Both of them are turning into lost souls at this point,” he said in the British documentary “Thomas Markle: My Story.” “They are turning [the royal family] into a Walmart with a crown on.”

Markle added, “Every young girl wants to become a princess, and she got that. And now she’s tossing that away for money.”

Queen Elizabeth II and the senior royals are reportedly appalled that Meghan wanted to monetize the monarchy.

Meghan will soon discover that without her royal title, she’s just another washed-up C-list actress.

Look what happened to Sarah Ferguson, the duchess of York, after she divorced Prince Andrew. Ferguson had to resort to doing commercials because she was broke after being cut off from the royal family’s millions.

Markle has slammed the British tabloids, of which Prince Harry has been the obsessive focus his entire life. Earth to Meghan: That’s what happens when you marry into the royal family.

She also has complained that the British media are racist.

Meghan, who is biracial, has been lionized as a trailblazer for being the first black person to marry into the British royal family. Now she’s being shunned as a polarizing opportunist after three years of marriage.

As the queen signaled, you can’t enjoy all the perks that come with being a royal without shouldering some of the burdens.

Fortunately for England, Prince William and his stunning wife, Duchess Kate Middleton, are there to pick up the slack.

As for Meghan and Harry, better luck with your panhandling in 2022!

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