Melania Takes Stand for Men, Delivers Hard Truth to #MeToo Movement


How can you stand for women in the #MeToo movement but also stand for men?

That is most likely what liberals around the country were asking as they get word of first lady Melania Trump’s interview with ABC’s Tom Llamas, who asked her about the #MeToo movement in the wake of the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

And there’s probably no one else who could deliver that message better than the first lady herself.

Her answer when asked what her take was of the #MeToo movement and if she supported it would have come off as political double talk from anyone else. But Melania Trump delivered a disarmingly truthful answer.

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“I support the women and they need to be heard. We need to support them and, you know, also men, not just women,” Mrs. Trump said.

Llamas asked if men in the news who have been accused of sexual assault have been treated unfairly.

“We need to have really hard evidence,” Trump said. “If you accuse of something show the evidence.”

When pressed as to why she answered that way, why she wasn’t standing with women, the first lady remained consistent.

Do you agree with the first lady's comments?

“I do stand with women, but we need to show the evidence,” she said. “You cannot just say to somebody that I was sexually assaulted, or you did that to me, because sometimes the media goes too far. And the way they portray some stories, it’s not correct. It’s not right.”

There is a lot of wisdom in her short answers. First of all, there is a profound belief in the presumption of innocence in her statements.

This foundational principle protects everyone in our country, not just men. The presumption of innocence is a blade that cuts both ways.

No one, not men, not women, has the burden to prove their innocence. And if that went away, if we became a country that lost presumption of innocence, women would certainly feel the injustice of that loss just as men would.

No one would be safe from false accusations, including women. Attacks and unsubstantiated accusations would explode and we would become a lawless nation.

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Melania Trump is correct in insisting on evidence when accusations are made on this or any other behavior that could have a devastating impact on professional and personal lives.

The lunacy from the left insisting that just because a woman makes an accusation she is automatically to be believed should be laughed out of existence.

As we all saw in the recent calamity that was thrust upon the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh, women sometimes lie. And when they do, they make it more difficult for true victims to get justice.

Evidence is the only thing that keeps the foundation solid when attacking a problem like sexual assault and harassment. It’s not always fair that victims should have to work so hard to prove allegations, but unless everyone plays by the same set of rules, everyone loses in the long run. The system falls apart and has no integrity.

And isn’t it ironic that the liberal media and the liberals behind the #MeToo movement are effectively working against each other’s agendas? The first lady nailed it when she pointed out that the media is behind the skepticism of “every woman should be believed.”

Melania Trump is a very smart and articulate woman.

Sometimes her simplistic answers and few words speaks volumes.

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