These Are the Members of Congress Who Are Asking Not to be Paid During the Government Shutdown


At least five Congress members will join military members and other government workers in having their pay withheld while the government shutdown continues.

Reps. Tom MacArthur, R-N.J., Dan Donovan, R-N.Y., Lou Barletta, R-Pa., Sean Patrick Maloney, D-N.Y. and Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., requested that their pay be withheld until the recent government shutdown comes to a conclusion.

Their requests were all made in the form of letters sent to the Capitol’s administrative office, as noted by Fox News Insider.

Pennsylvania congressman Barletta provided a Facebook post displaying an image of his letter that stated “it is not appropriate” for him to receive financial compensation while other government workers aren’t afforded the same opportunity.

“Blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants does nothing to solve the problem,” Barletta wrote. “In fact, it will encourage a wave of illegal immigration seeking forgiveness for breaking our laws.

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“It will also encourage politicians to play to illegal immigrants for votes instead of considering American citizens first. This is why we are dealing with the illegal immigration problem in the first place.”

He then called out Senate Democrats for their “reckless policies” which inevitably lead to “uncontrollable immigration” and the DACA bill that Democrats are reportedly using as leverage during the shutdown.

“They must do their duty to American citizens FIRST,” he added. “A deal with DACA means a down payment on a promise to ensure amnesty never happens again.”

Should Congress have their pay withheld during a government shutdown?

MacArthur, a New Jersey representative, also displayed an image of his request.

“I have been informed that despite a lapse of appropriations and current government shutdown, Members of Congress will continue receiving their salary,” MacArthur stated in his concise letter to the Capitol. “Please withhold my pay until an appropriations agreement has taken effect.”

Maloney, one of two Democrat members of Congress to request pay be withheld, tweeted an image of him signing his letter to the Capitol administrative office.

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“I’ll give up my paycheck if the government shuts down,” Maloney wrote. “I’m sending a letter to the House Chief Administrative Office asking that my pay be withheld in the event of a shutdown. The people I represent wouldn’t get paid if they didn’t do their job — and neither should Congress.”

Murphy also took to Twitter to publicize her refusal to receive pay.

In addition, retired Navy SEAL and current representative for Virginia, Scott Taylor, took to Twitter to reveal that he will be donating his salary “to a military/veterans’ charity each day” that the shutdown lasts.

As reported by The Hill, on Friday, five Democrat senators introduced a bill demanding lawmaker pay be withheld during government shutdowns in the same manner that other employees experience.

Democrat Sen. Clair McCaskill of Missouri provided the logic behind the bill.

“If members of Congress can’t fulfill their basic duty to keep the government open and provide the essential services Americans depend on, then they don’t deserve their paychecks,” she stated. “Period.”

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