Men Follow Whimpers Outside Baseball Stadium, Find Puppy Trapped in Hot Car for Hours


I’m not quite sure how anyone can leave an animal in a hot car nowadays. It’s all over the news, all over social media: don’t leave animals in hot cars!

There are even laws in some states that allow for passersby to break car windows legally if there is an animal or child in danger. But really, if people just thought about it for less than a minute, they wouldn’t need their windows broken anyway.

During a Kansas City Royals game in the middle of summer — which I can tell you is definitely not a comfortable temperature — a couple of fans were walking to their cars when they heard whining and whimpering.

They were actually leaving the game because the heat had made them far too miserable. And if it’s too hot for a human outside normally, it’s way too hot for a dog in a car.

So these men were minding their own business when they heard a dog in distress. “We just followed the whimpers and whines right to the car,” Joshua Lee said.

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Lee and his brother, Michael Warner, discovered a pit bull mix puppy whining in a car with one of its windows cracked. The little black and white pooch didn’t have any food or water, either.

And so they started trying to push down the window as best they could to get this sweet little pup out of danger. They fanned the dog with a towel while they worked.

When they finally got the door open — I assume from reaching in to unlock it — the dog was very obviously grateful.

“Right when that door opened, I’ve never seen an animal so happy to be outside. I mean he came running out almost ran off where we were standing and licking every person that touched him, just overjoyed to be out there,” Warner said.

They contacted the Kansas City Police Department, who then got in touch with the Royals guest services, and then they sent someone out to help. That day in particular was in the low 90s, and if you’ve ever tried to sit in a car for any longer than a couple minutes in that kind of weather, you know it’s extremely uncomfortable.

Imagine that little pup sitting in there for most of a baseball game!

The staffer who came to help took the little pupper home and waited for the owner to come claim him, but they never did. Good thing, too, because they shouldn’t be allowed to have him back after leaving him like that.

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The pup is now being cared for by KC Pet Project, and Teresa Johnson said of the incident, “When you’re talking about leaving a puppy in a car for three to four hours, that is way too long. That could have ended very badly for this puppy.”

Lee and Warner said they would be willing to adopt the dog, throwing out names spoofed from Royals players, but the employee who took him home overnight and got him the care he needed has already placed a deposit with KC Pet Project.

Meanwhile, the owner, if ever found, could face up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for animal cruelty if convicted.

Hopefully this little dog finds his forever home with that Royals employee, and never has to be subjected to that kind of pain again. Maybe they should name him Royal!

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