Michael Moore Publicly Melts Down as Mueller Crashes & Trump Rises


If Michael Moore had been in attendance for former special counsel Robert Mueller’s performance Wednesday before cameras on Capitol Hill, the filmmaker would’ve immediately yelled, “Cut!”

It isn’t surprising that Hollywood leftists — who have been calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment for two years — are panning Mueller’s feeble effort in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees.

Celebrities were so excited about the Mueller report and his subsequent testimony, they could barely control themselves. Since early 2017, the former FBI director had been the left’s savior, their political beacon of hope.

Now, those on the left are as disillusioned as they are disgusted with Mueller, who failed to find evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. They’re probably crying in their soy lattes while lounging around Bel Air mansions.

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But perhaps nobody in showbiz has expressed more outrage than director Moore, the blowhard multi-millionaire who pretends that he still cares about blue-collar Americans.

Mueller’s appearance before Congress triggered Moore, known for such successful documentaries as “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Bowling for Columbine,” to fire off a series of tweets that started by disparaging Mueller and those who wanted him to testify.

True to form, the overzealous and self-righteous Moore didn’t stop there, as he took aim at the president and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Moore was so worked up, I’m disappointed he didn’t quote the movie “Network” and Peter Finch’s legendary line: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!”

Hollywood Trump-haters such as Jeff Daniels, Robert De Niro and Moore are now commiserating while circling the wagons. When they’re done feigning moral outrage and acting defensive — because acting is what they do best — they’ll go on the offensive, tossing more “Racist!” grenades at Trump and his base.

Moore continued tweeting Thursday — specifically to promote his appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” where he plans to explain how Trump will ultimately be impeached. Too bad the filmmaker couldn’t spell the talk-show host’s name correctly.

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Tinseltown’s movers and shakers like to assert, “You’re only as good as your last movie.” Mueller’s production has, in Hollywood parlance, tanked.

So, what will Michael Moore do after his television appearance? Chances are, he won’t be able to resist filming a documentary about the Mueller travesty.

Until then, perhaps Moore — as he said in the 2007 documentary “Sicko” — can get the government to do his laundry.

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James Luksic has been a writer and editor for a panoply of publications and websites for 30 years.
James Luksic has been a writer and editor for a panoply of publications, corporations and websites -- including Montecito Journal, Dayton Daily News and Lexis-Nexis -- for 30 years.