Unlike Michelle, Melania's Parents Proud of America, Officially Gain Citizenship


During the 2008 presidential campaign, the mainstream media promoted the talking points of candidate Barack Obama.

Viewers were saturated with “Hope and Change” and “Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share.”

But one comment during that campaign that was buried under all the spin was this declaration from future first lady Michelle Obama before the Wisconsin primary: “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country.”

How different are the sentiments this week of current first lady Melania Trump’s parents upon being granted American citizenship.

Through their immigration attorney, Micheal Wildes, the Slovenian-born Viktor and Amalija Knavs expressed their happiness and gratitude about becoming American citizens.

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“They are very grateful and appreciative of this wonderful day for their family,” Wildes said.

Since February they had been living in America on green cards, which granted them permanent legal status in the U.S. Now they are proud citizens.

One is left to wonder why Michelle Obama was not proud of her country.

After all, she was able to receive an Ivy League education at Princeton University, a college that accepts only a microscopic portion of the citizenry.

Do you believe Michelle Obama is still ashamed of her country?

After graduation, she worked in a prestigious law firm, and she later earned, as vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center, $317,000 a year.

But her good fortune didn’t end upon becoming first lady.

The citizens of the country she was not proud of financed, courtesy of her husband’s high taxes, numerous vacations for her from 2008 to 2016 to such lush surroundings as Las Vegas, Hawaii and Aspen, Colorado.

The Knavs validate the conservative notion that people who really want to come to the United States make the best citizens.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself an immigrant, was astounded about how wonderful America was when he visited in the 1960s.

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Having lived in socialist Austria, the future film star and governor of California couldn’t understand why those surrounded by such wealth and opportunity were complaining.

The Knavs and Schwarzenegger are the best of this country, who, unlike Michelle Obama, express their pride and gratitude from the moment they became American citizens.

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