Mike Huckabee: Biden Is Carter on Steroids, So Maybe We'll Get Reagan on Steroids in 2024


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of listening to Democrats pretending to be shocked and outraged when they know, and we know, and they know we know that it’s all just bad theater.

For instance, after a solid year of defending, celebrating, excusing and releasing left-wing rioters, they were suddenly shocked and outraged at the idea of right-wing rioters.

Or after eight years of telling us that George W. Bush was “selected not elected” and four years of telling us that Trump wasn’t the legitimate president, they’re suddenly “shocked and outraged” that anyone would question the validity of the 2020 election.

If nothing else, my eyes are getting tired from all the involuntary eye-rolling at all their transparently phony outrage.

It’s like having the entire government run by the policeman in “Casablanca” who was shocked to discover there was gambling at Rick’s Café as he pocketed his winnings.

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The latest piece of bad theater we’re actually supposed to take seriously is the claim by Democrats and the media (same thing) that they are shocked and “confused” by Donald Trump Jr. comparing Biden to Jimmy Carter after last week’s dismal jobs numbers came out.

Why, Carter is a Nobel Prize winner and icon of charity! Is that what he’s comparing Biden to?

No, anyone who knows anything about history (especially anyone who lived through the Carter years) knows exactly what he meant.

The proper term for what they’re being is “willfully obtuse.” Please stop asking me to believe you’re really that dense.

Carter may be a fine and decent man, but he was a pretty lousy president.

Even Homer Simpson knew what Don Jr. meant.

As for being shocked and outraged that he suggested Biden’s policies are going to bring back the stagflation curse of the Carter years, I’m shocked and outraged that they didn’t pretend to be shocked and outraged when I wrote this on March 23, a good six weeks before that jobs report appeared:

“Some economists are warning that by flooding a weak economy with borrowed money in a way that doesn’t strengthen real economic growth, Biden is steering America into a return of stagflation, the combination of inflation (rising prices) and a stagnant economy that made the Jimmy Carter years so miserable.

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“If so, then the only silver lining would be that maybe history will repeat itself.

“Carter messed things up so badly that voters elected Ronald Reagan to fix it.

“So far, Biden’s policies have been like Carter’s on steroids, so maybe the next president will be like Reagan on steroids. Let’s hope so!”

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