Mike Huckabee: Biden's Announcing Cabinet Members - And the Anti-Semitism Has Already Started


Meet the new incompetents, same as the old incompetents.

If you’ve accidentally flipped past MSNBC in the past four years and been appalled to see their “expert commentators” spinning wild Russia collusion conspiracy theories and other claptrap, brace yourself for those loons being put in important government positions if Joe Biden becomes president.

If you wonder why I haven’t been commenting much on all the stories about who a potential President Biden would appoint, it’s because we have a policy of only writing about news that’s actually happened.

Discussing possible Biden Cabinet picks is speculation on top of conjecture, a way to fill airtime during a holiday week, like all the yak-yak about polls back in July.

However, on Monday, Biden’s team did announce that he would appoint former Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken as his secretary of state.

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And immediately, the intra-party warfare began, with “squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib making an anti-Semitic attack on the Jewish Blinken to warn him not to try to silence her attacks on Israel.

Biden has also indicated that he would tap former Secretary of State John Kerry as his “Climate Czar,” so I think it’s fair game to talk about that.

Liberals accuse Trump of being an egomaniac, but at least when he brags about his accomplishments, he has some worth bragging about.

The warmed-over Obama relics who seem likely to staff a Biden administration are almost all narcissistic elitists with dismal records who think their deep state backgrounds and Ivy League degrees mark them as superior examples of humanity who can look down from on high at us flyover hicks, even though when it comes to actual abilities and accomplishments, their résumés are as empty as last year’s bird nests.

Do you think a potential Biden cabinet will be staffed with elitists?

Among them, John Kerry probably has the largest gap between his high opinion of himself and his actual accomplishments, giving Biden a run for his money in the “being on the wrong side of every issue” department.

Kerry most recently made news by warning with absolute certainty that if Trump moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, it would spark a wave of violence that could not be contained.

Trump did it anyway. There was no wave of violence, and we’re now seeing unprecedented peace deals being signed in the Middle East.

In fact, it seems that all Trump had to do to achieve a number of goals, from containing Iran to crushing ISIS, was to ask, “WWKD (What Would Kerry Do?”) and then do the exact opposite.

Similar to how he supercharged the economy and job creation simply by doing the opposite of what Obama did.

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Now, continuing his streak of failing upward, Kerry would reportedly be put in charge of stopping climate change.

This despite the fact that he likes to fly around the world to various left-wing conferences in his private jet, and he recently bought a near-$12 million waterfront home in the tony enclave of Martha’s Vineyard.

Well, at least that will give him extra incentive to stop the rising ocean tides by lecturing the rest of us on how we need to reduce CO2 by scaling back our lavish lifestyles.

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