Mike Huckabee: The Left Has No Tolerance for Conservative Comedy


The “fact-checking” site recently started running “fact-checks” of stories from The Babylon Bee, a Christian-conservative satire site that creates humorous fake news stories, similar to The Onion.

When they first started doing it, Babylon Bee fans just shook their heads over how anyone could be dumb enough to think those obvious joke stories were real. But the latest “fact-check” pushes it to new frontiers of stupid.

Snopes “fact-checked” a Babylon Bee story headlined, “Ocasio-Cortez Appears on ‘The Price is Right;’ Guesses Everything is Free.” Now, if you are a human being with a functioning brain, you laughed at that, right? But Snopes fact-checked it (Spoiler alert: they rated it “False.”)

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What sets this apart from the humor-impaired site’s previous “fact-checks” of Bee jokes is that the folks at Snopes made it clear they knew it was from a satire site … but they went ahead and fact-checked it anyway, making sure that we all knew Ocasio-Cortez didn’t really go on “The Price is Right” and guess that everything was free.

Maybe they just assumed it was way too easy to believe.

Snope’s excuse for this is that a meme for the story with an obviously fake photo of Ocasio Cortez on “The Price is Right” was going around social media, and since they assume we’re all complete chuckleheads, they had to make sure we knew it wasn’t real news.

But some conservatives see a more sinister motive in play, suggesting that this is laying the groundwork for censorship of conservative humor sites under the bogus pretext that they are creating “fake news” that misleads the public — or at least the portion with no sense or humor or cerebral cortexes.

Are you a fan of The Babylon Bee?

So I guess that conservative jokes must be censored because idiots might mistake them for news, but leftist comedians such as Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, etc., will continue to be praised and quoted when idiots consistently mistake their jokes for news. Hey, at least The Babylon Bee’s jokes are funny.

For instance, this story in response to all the leftists who claim that criticizing what they say is tantamount to inciting violence against them, so shut up.

Now, this is hilarious.

Op-Ed: What Hamas Taught Us - The Education Establishment Is a Tool of Leftist Indoctrination

Or this one, which seems very appropriate for the day of the Mueller Report release.

Disclaimer: The above two stories are satirical! That means they are NOT true! Although the second one sort of is.

As long as you’re at that site, you might want to poke around and read more headlines and stories. If you’ve been wondering where funny topical comedy went after election night, 2016, here’s your answer.

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