Mike Huckabee: What Sets Bloomberg Apart Among 2020 Democrats Will Also Be His Undoing


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg waited until the last minute, but apparently, he gets the same sense that many of us do that despite how crowded the Democratic presidential field is, none of them is remotely electable.

So Bloomberg is reportedly laying plans to enter the race himself.

On paper, Bloomberg would seem to have some advantages: he’s a billionaire, so money is no problem.

He kept Rudy Giuliani’s miracle turnaround of New York City humming until Bill DeBlasio came along and started destroying it again.

He’s quite liberal, a major pusher of gun control, and he loves abusing the power of government to ban things that people enjoy, which is a big part of the modern Democratic platform.

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But he’s not a complete socialist, America-hating nutjob.

His problems, however, are that the things that will help him in the general election (business success, opposition to high taxes, being a billionaire, not being a socialist nutjob) will hurt him in the Democratic primary (they love high taxes and socialist nutjobs and hate successful, white, male, capitalist billionaires).

The things that will help him in the primaries, like his “ban everything” nanny state attitude and support for amnesty for illegal immigrants and lax border controls, will hurt him in the general election.

There’s also the issue I haven’t heard anyone mention yet of his slippery opportunism: when Rudy fixed New York and voters wanted to keep the city in Republican hands, abracadabra, he was a Republican!

Do you think Michael Bloomberg could win the Democratic primary?

Now, when there’s an opening for an electable Democrat, voila! He’s a Democrat!

Besides, there’s already a rich white guy who actually has some sense in the Democratic primary, and he’s not even registering in the RealClearPolitics polling data.

Finally, I hate to scare you, but here’s a terrifying article arguing that Hillary Clinton also senses the un-electability of the current Democratic roster and she will definitely run again and probably get the nomination.

He believes that “it’s hers to lose,” and if anyone can lose it, it’s her.

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

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