Mike Huckabee: Supreme Court Hands Conservatives One Big Win and One Big Loss


On Thursday, the Supreme Court issued two politically-charged rulings. The first found that federal courts have no jurisdiction to decide if a state legislative district map gives one side too much of a partisan advantage.

As former DOJ attorney and author J. Christian Adams explained at PJ Media, this is a major blow to the left, which has spent tons of money and years of lobbying and lawsuits trying to establish the idea of having federal judges seize the power of state legislatures to draw district maps.

That’s because the majority of state legislatures are Republican, and they’d like to have liberal activist judges draw the electoral maps instead.

But the SCOTUS ruled that this is a political decision that rests with the people’s elected representatives in the states, not with unelected federal judges.

The other decision was a bad one for the right (and common sense), but not as bad as was misleadingly first reported.

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The SCOTUS blocked the Trump administration’s decision to return the question of U.S. citizenship to the upcoming Census forms (conservatives suspect that illegal immigrants and other non-citizens are being counted in the U.S. population to give blue states more House Representatives than they deserve, and a bigger slice of the federal budget).

The administration can try again, however, there’s some doubt whether it can be done before the Census forms have to be printed.

The Court ruled 5-4 that while Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross has the power and authority to add the question, they weren’t convinced by the reasons he gave for it.

One might reasonably ask that if the Secretary has the power and authority to add the citizenship question to the form (where it was for decades before being removed), then why should the judicial branch have any say at all over whether they like his reasons for doing it?

In fact, they should not. As Adams notes, this is judicial overreach spurred by a left-wing propaganda campaign that should have had no effect on the ruling of the Court.

But once again, as with Obamacare, Chief Justice Roberts joined with the liberals in pulling some extra-judicial reasoning out from his black robe, which is starting to remind me of Harpo Marx’s overcoat: you never what he’ll yank out of it next.

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