MN Gov. Calls Tax Cut 'Crumbs,' Vetoes in Front of Elementary School Students


Minnesota has one of the highest state income tax rates in the country. Despite this fact, Democratic Governor Mark Dayton called a Republican tax cut proposal “crumbs” on Thursday, echoing comments made by coastal liberal icon Nancy Pelosi.

Parading himself in front of impressionable elementary school children in St. Paul, Minn., Dayton stamped a red “Veto!” on the tax overhaul bill, which would’ve made it the first middle-class income tax rate reduction in Minnesota since 2000.

“This veto is for these children and their futures,” Dayton said, the Pioneer Press reported. “This bill is cake to the rich and big corporations and crumbs to people who need it.”

“What the governor did today was veto a bill that would have put money in low and middle-income Minnesotans pockets,” Republican Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt said.

“I am incredibly disappointed the governor has decided to play politics with this bill, instead of giving Minnesotans some certainty in allowing them to file their taxes more easily next year,” he added.

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The billionaire governor has refused to sign any tax overhaul unless he gets $138 million in funding to help poor school districts in Minnesota balance their budgets, according to the Pioneer Press.

Minnesota’s two-year K-12 education budget for fiscal years 2018 to 2019 is nearly $19 billion.

The new tax bill would have paired well for Minnesotans to file their taxes along with the tax cuts from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that President Donald Trump signed into law Dec. 22, Minnesota Republicans claim.

“Federal tax reform presented a significant opportunity to simplify our state tax code,” said Rep. Greg Davids. “House Republicans’ goal from the onset was holding as many Minnesotans harmless as possible and preventing headaches for filers next year.”

Do you think this governor is out of touch?

The tax cut Minnesota Republicans proposed would have split taxes for middle class families making between $37,850 and $150,380 and individuals earning between $25,890 and $85,060, according to the Pioneer Press.

The second tier income tax rate would go from 7.05 percent to 6.75 percent by tax year 2020.

California Democrat Rep. Nanci Pelosi called the $1,000 bonuses U.S. companies gave their employees because of the tax cuts “crumbs,” — not once, but twice — The Daily Caller reported.

If the Minnesota legislature doesn’t pass a tax conformity bill by the end of the legislative session in May, Minnesotans might end up paying more taxes in 2019.

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