Mom Carrying Gender Reveal Balloon Doesn't See Toddler Sneaking Up Behind Her with Toy Sword


Raising children is no walk in the park. Despite the endless joy they bring to our lives and all of the ways they enrich our day-to-day activities, they also do a lot of things that, to put it bluntly, make us want to rip our hair out.

When an opportunity for destruction presents itself, often children fight it. They don’t want to misbehave. But it calls to them, like a moth to a flame.

Eventually, they will give in, and leave a giant mess for their parents to clean up.

And we love them through it because those little monsters are our babies.

They mean the world to us even if they would destroy the entire thing if left alone for a long enough amount of time.

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One mother of two and pregnant with her third was walking her big gender reveal balloon to the car.

It was a big day, she was finally about to find out if the little munchkin growing inside of her was a girl or boy.

Gender reveals have become an important part of a mother’s pregnancy, no matter how ridiculous some believe them to be.

One of the more popular methods for the reveal is a balloon filled with the color of the sex of the baby; pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

The mom-to-be jumped on board the balloon wagon and grabbed one of her own. Alas, it would not be long before utter tragedy struck.

Behind her, her son inched closer and closer. He raised his plastic sword to his clueless mother’s back.


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The pink confetti flew into the grass. Just hours before the party.

Confused for a moment as to what disaster had just happened before she turned and looked and realized.

“You,” she seems to have thought to herself.

She turns to walk back inside, one can only imagine what happens as she enters the doors of her home, but what’s for sure is that we know she’ll be able to look back one day and laugh at the whole thing.

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