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Mom of Five Overcome with Emotion When Customers at Waffle House Surprise Her with $800 Tip

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As individuals, we might not have the power or resources to drop huge amounts of cash on needy, unsuspecting people. The thought of handing someone in dire straights a couple of hundred dollars is a lovely idea, but it’s not in the stars for most ordinary folk.

But a group of ordinary people might just be able to make the magic happen.

Tabatha Adams of Cincinnati, Ohio, was one of those people who rounded up some friends to make one woman’s Christmas extra cheery.

A single mom, Adams wanted to bless someone who could use the blessing, and so she and her crew decided to participate in “Shock and Claus.”

“I don’t know if you have seen Shock and Clause,” Adams posted on Facebook. “What is ‘Shock and Clause’? We meet for breakfast, you must bring a $100 Bill, we eat and pay the bill and the rest is a tip.”

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“So if 10 go, that is a $1,000 and the bill is $150, the tip is $850. We trust the Universe to take us to the right person to be blessed.”

“I think with your broadcasting capabilities you could start a firestorm of people being blessed,” Adams concluded. “I recommend the total dives where the average tip is $5 or so.”

She had her cause, and she pinpointed her target: Mikia, a waitress at a nearby Waffle House.

“What 10 peeps will join me at Waffle House in Glendale!?!” she wrote on Facebook, sending out the call to meet her at a restaurant on Springfield Pike in the suburb north of Cincinnati. “Let’s set a date next week!!!! Who is in???”

“Whenever we come here, she’s working,” Adams told WCPO-TV in Cincinnati. “She gets $2 tips.”

“She’s an amazing person. Has five children and is trying to make it through the holidays. When I saw [Shock and Claus] on Facebook, I was like, ‘What better way to give back then find someone like that?'”

When the first few patrons in on the scheme paid their tabs with hundred-dollar bills and then gave her the change as tips, she didn’t put it together — but after the hundred-dollar bills kept passing her palms and the generous tips kept getting handed over (totaling around $800), she started to lose it.

It was a memorable moment for the giving group.

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“It took everything for me to not to get choked up in that moment,” Simon Amor, part of the generous group, told WCPO-TV. “It was a special moment.”

“It’s not like I have a million dollars and can just give away money,” Adams said as she encouraged readers to follow her group’s lead. “So, as one person, you can’t do a lot. You’ll find your people. You’ll find your tribe.”

“Today is what life is all about,” she posted, recognizing some of the people who decided to participate with her. “One of my favorite days of a lifetime. These individuals are truly God’s gifts to the world. Carrie Schulte of Sibcy, Julia Ann Hieronymus Hayes of Exit, Africa Wallace of KW Advisors, Alan Whisman of EXP, and Simon Amor of Fairway Mortgage honoring Mikia of Waffle House – our fabulous waitress!!!”

“We are going to organize this every Christmas so if would like to join us, please let me know. I will be forming a Facebook page. And if you would like to get a group together on your own here is the post to do your thing…”

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