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4th-Grade Daughter Heartbroken Over Bullied Classmate in Need of Shoes Buys Him New Pair, Mom Says


When 9-year-old Avah Parkins noticed a fellow student at her elementary school with worn-out shoes, her mother says she was moved to help.

“His shoes were all ripped open on the toe and you could see his socks,” Avah told KSN. “Because his parents had to pay bills and stuff and said they couldn’t get him new shoes.”

Avah said that some other kids noticed the boy’s tattered shoes too, but they teased him.

“I decided to be a good friend and get him some new shoes.”

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Being only 9 years old, Avah didn’t have the means to go pick up the shoes herself — but she had a mother who did, so together the two formulated a plan.

The girl’s goodwill meant so much to her mom, Shannon Parkins, that she posted a photo of the shoes they bought along with a short story about her generous daughter.

“Even though I’m constantly fighting an up hill battle raising my kids to be honest, loyal, caring people,” the mom began her post, “It’s times like this I know I’m doing something right!!”

“Avah was telling me about a boy at her school [whose] shoes were falling apart. People were making fun of him and she asked him why he doesn’t get new shoes . He told her his parents had to buy groceries and pay bills so they couldn’t get him new shoes.”

“I looked at avah and asked her if she wanted to get him a pair, she said yes.”

By Monday, Avah hadn’t forgotten her mission, and when her mom picked her up from school, her classmate was the first thing on her mind.

When she saw her mom, she simply said “size 4.” Her mom, confused, asked what Avah was referring to.

“His shoe size,” her daughter answered.

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“The world is so full of hate, we need more souls like Avahs!” Shannon wrote.

“It just warmed my heart,” she told KSN. “I don’t know. I am just so emotional. I cry all the time. She is such a good kid. It didn’t really surprise me.”

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