Mom Starts Listening to CD Player, in Disbelief Moment She Realizes What Song it Is


Everyone is looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give loved ones. It’s hard to find something they’ll enjoy that also shows them how much we care.

Robert Smith cracked the code this year with his beautiful gift to his mother. He recorded her response and uploaded it to Facebook, where the reception was staggering.

“My mom wrote this song about 30 years ago and recorded it on a cassette tape,” Robert Smith wrote as a caption to the video. The song was called “Fishing in the Sky” — a country tune.

“Last year when Travis and I were up here for Christmas we listened to it,” Robert’s post continued.

“Travis has been recording some music lately and about three weeks ago I pitched the idea to Travis to get the lyrics and look into recording it.

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“He remembered the song and was genuinely interested. Today I had the pleasure of sharing the finished product with my mom. Her reaction is priceless,” Robert wrote.

In the video, Robert’s mother turned on the CD and looked impressed as she heard the piano cut through.

After she heard the first line, she gasped as she realized what she was hearing.

It was her song from 30 years ago, sung by her grandson, Travis Smith. She screeched with excitement and covered her face to hide the tears.

The emotion was too much for this mother to handle. She sobbed into her hands as she continued to listen.

In the second verse, she took her hands from her face and passionately mouthed the words, still overcome with surprise. Robert’s mother was still speechless as the last note in the song rang out.

Robert’s original video got over four million views, and the post by the Love What Matters page got another million.

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They put the song on Itunes for purchase, where it rose to number 40 in the country genre.

Travis Smith, the singer, posted a picture to commemorate the song’s rise on the charts. “Music can truly bring out the good in people,” he wrote in the caption.

“I have truly seen that through the response of this song.”

And we have truly seen that illustrated in this sweet family’s working together to pull off the ultimate Christmas gift.

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