Moms of Those Killed by Illegals Rip Media: You Don't Care About Kids at All


Two mothers whose sons were killed by illegal immigrants are speaking out against the left and those in the media who they believe use children to push their agenda.

Mary Ann Mendoza lost her son Sgt. Brandon Mendoza when he was hit head-on by an illegal alien who was driving drunk.

“My name is Mary Ann Mendoza and my life course has been changed forever,” she wrote on her website, the Sgt. Brandon Mendoza Memorial Foundation.

“My son, Sgt Brandon Mendoza, was killed on May 12, 2014 in a violent head on collision. He was killed by a 3 times the legal limit drunk and high on meth ILLEGAL CRIMINAL! He had driven 35 MILES the wrong way on four different freeways before slamming head-on into my son’s car. My son had just finished his shift and was heading home after working to keep Mesa citizens safe and his community crime free when his life was taken so tragically.”

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In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Mendoza took the media to task, calling them out for picking and choosing narratives that fit their political agenda, while ignoring the stories of those who have been hurt by those who have entered the country illegally.

“There is hypocrisy in many ways,” she said. “The total disregard for American families ripped apart because of illegal criminals, the total lack of concern for children in the U.S. being raped in North Carolina by illegals at disgusting numbers (some months over 400 child rapes by illegals), no concern (for) homeless American children or Veterans who would do anything to have what’s provided (to) these children. Yet, our politicians call it inhumane treatment. Would they rather these kids coming across our borders stay with the adults who aren’t their biological parents but have kidnapped them to get across the border as a ‘family unit?'”

Mendoza said that at the end of the day, the media is fueled by good ratings and disdain for Trump — not a genuine concern for immigrant children.

“It’s all about sensational headlines,” she said. “They have no real concern for these kids. It’s just another way to make this administration look bad.”

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To prove her point, Mendoza noted the difference in media coverage during the Obama administration.

“Worse things happened to these kids was Obama was president and (the media) was crickets,” she said.

“In closing, the fact that my son was collateral damage and totally disregarded to support their agenda is hypocrisy at its best. My dead son, a fellow American, is nothing to them! This isn’t worth their time because it would disprove their theory that we need illegal aliens here and we don’t need a border wall.”

Sabine Durden, another mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in a driving accident, thanked the president for his help to give her a voice and blasted the media for turning a blind eye to the stories they don’t want to hear.

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“The hypocrisy is astonishing,” she said. “The MSM has ignored many of us victims of illegal alien crime for so long. They avoid us like pests. If it weren’t for President Trump, no one would even know much about us. He gave my son a voice that was taken by an illegal. And I’m forever thankful to him for that and for bringing the issue of illegal alien invasion to the forefront. It’s deeply hurtful to see how MSM now ‘cares’ so much for children separated from their parents while continuing to ignore thousands of us separated by death, forever.”

She told The Daily Caller that Democrats’ show of compassion is fake, as demonstrated by their action — and lack of action.

“Not one of the Dems has reached out since they heard about my son’s death,” she said. Not one spoke publicly about American victims of illegals. Their fake grandstanding for children is for show and absent of compassion because they didn’t do any of this during Obama’s presidency. We have 1.6 million homeless children, inner cities destroyed and American children in need, homeless veterans and mentally ill people all on their own. No word about them from the left,” she continued.

“Yet they stumble over each other to get to a detention center with their camera crews behind them. They yell and show outrage over illegal aliens who placed themselves in this position. They call them immigrants, which is insulting to true immigrants like me,” she continued.

“They don’t go to jails and prisons where Americans who committed a crime are separated from their children. They didn’t go run and shown outrage when Obama had illegal alien kids in cages. The Dems are losing their voting base and need illegals to fill those spots. They are willing to step over dead Americans to get their amnesty. They continue to put out the welcome mat for more illegals to come by creating Sanctuary cities and states.”

Our prayers are with these women who have endured such horrific tragedy, and we wish them the best as they continue to tell their story — one the mainstream media may ignore but everyday Americans desperately need to hear.

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