Moose Wanders onto Busy Highway with American Flag in Tow


No, you’re not dreaming. Yes, this is a moose draped in the American flag.

It’s not clear where this moose came from or where he was going, but one thing we do know, he has absolutely no problem being draped in the American flag.

Watch as he nonchalantly strolls across a highway, displaying the colors for those there to see, and then moves on about his business.

It’s an amazing sight just to see such a majestic creature in the wild at such a close range. But it must have been an act of divine intervention to have this display of American patriotism surface in such an unlikely place at such a time as this with the current state of our country, fighting to hold on to its foundational principles.

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Let’s face it. There’s a lot going on in the country today that needlessly disrespects our flag and all that it stands for. If one of nature’s most magnificent creatures appears from nowhere and is draped in the colors, I don’t know how you can’t see this as a sign of profound encouragement.

There is a litany of discouragement at the forefront of our cultural consciousness these days. In only the past year or less, we as an American culture have endured athletic heroes who refuse to honor the flag during public sporting events. A good man who has dedicated his life to preserving the constitution is being attacked, berated and falsely accused. Natural disasters test the resolve of innocent people across the nation.

I’ll take any chance I can get to look upon such an occurrence as this to find a positive message of hope and endurance.

So let’s revisit some of the stories that were inspired by the symbol of our great nation.

Have you ever seen a moose in the wild?

This is a favorite of mine. I am always moved when the faith of others inspires them to act. This woman, well into her eighties, was moved to bestow upon President Trump her talents as a quilt maker. She sent him a stunning show of her patriotism as she gifted him an American flag quilt.

What a gift. And it speaks volumes of her support for the president and her love of the country.

And if you want to further discuss divine intervention, let us remember the captivating image of the American flag as it withstood the fierceness of Hurricane Florence in September.

Frying Pan Tower cam

WATCH LIVE: Wind whips an American flag as Hurricane Florence approaches North Carolina. This camera is located 34 miles off the coast of Cape Fear, N.C.Live updates:

Posted by Yahoo News on Thursday, September 13, 2018

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Our American flag has been a symbol of hope, freedom and strength, in good times and in bad.

So who’s to say that a stray moose adorned with the colors isn’t a sign that we can and will endure whatever nefarious and dishonorable forces may try to break our spirits?

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