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Mountain Biker Airlifted from Cliffside by Rescue Crews After 100-Foot Fall Into Canyon


A mountain biker got more adventure than he bargained for in Cheyenne Cañon Park in Colorado Springs on Sunday when he took a wrong turn and plunged down the side of a mountain.

According to KKTV, the man fell about 100 feet and landed at the base of a climbing spot.

The rider was seriously injured, but thankfully his companions and some other hikers were able to call 911 — despite the spotty reception.

When search and rescue teams and firefighters showed up, people were able to quickly direct them to the injured man, reducing the time it took to get him medical attention.

Rescuers used a ropes system to reach and move the rider.

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The unnamed man was then taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital. Though his injuries were severe, authorities expect him to recover.

C.J. Sidebottom with the Colorado Springs Fire Department said the incident was handled well by the responding teams.

“He … essentially zigged where he should have zagged and took a wrong turn and went for an unfortunate ride,” Sidebottom said.

“There was people below helping guide us in, people above helping guide us in. So really the whole community came together, search and rescue, us, by standards, all helped to get us to the patient as fast as we could.”

A woman who was there at the time posted to Facebook, sharing her side of the event.

“Today’s hike was in Cheyenne Canon Park,” Michele Martin posted. “It was a very emotional hike because a mountain biker lost control and went over a cliff.

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“A search and rescue team found him and a helicopter landed on the side of a mountain. I have never witnessed anything like this.

“The injuries were not life threatening but my thoughts and prayers to the young man and his family. Also a huge respect for the men and women that climbed down that cliff to save him.”

Sidebottom said they don’t want to discourage anyone from getting out and enjoying nature, but it pays to be as prepared as possible. Sometimes, despite the best planning, things go wrong.

He reassured fellow adventurers that when the worst happens, rescue teams are there to help.

“The best piece of advice is just to certainly know the route you’re going, any pre-planning you can do is great,” he said.

“Go with someone who’s already been there, if you are able to, but I don’t think any of us in our high angle rescue program in any way want to limit people’s ability to go recreate. We all want to search for adventure, and that’s part of the reason we live here.

“So be prepared, be safe, try to have a plan as best as you can, but we’re here for when it doesn’t go well.”

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