MSNBC Analyst Says Donald Trump Is Giving White Supremacists 'Subliminal Orders'


On Tuesday, national security analyst Malcolm Nance appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” to make some pretty astounding conclusions about President Donald Trump and his base.

Nance asserted that white supremacists see themselves as “foot soldiers” in a Trump regime, and that they have to act to carry out a racial agenda.

He stretched even further when he claimed that Trump was “giving them subliminal orders in their head.”

Watch the exchange below.

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“These people feel that they are the foot soldiers and executors of what the disenfranchisement that the white race is feeling, and Donald Trump is giving them subliminal orders in their head,” Nance charged, before concluding that “they have a permissive environment in which they can get firearms and go out and attack their perceived enemies.”

Nance’s absurd assessment comes only a day after former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi lobbed the incredible conspiracy theory that Trump was sending a similar white supremacist message with the timing of reraising American flags after the shootings.

“The president said that we will fly our flags at half-mast until August 8th. That’s 8/8. Now, I’m not going to imply that he did this deliberately but I am using it as an example of the ignorance of the adversary that’s being demonstrated by the White House,” Figliuzzi, who appeared with Nance on Tuesday, said.

These left field, foil hat-worthy accusations represent a whole new level of Trump Derangement Syndrome, even when explicitly blaming Trump for the massacre in El Paso is the new leftist fad.

When your attack is based on the notion that the literal words that come out of Trump’s mouth are words of a white supremacist, then you’re at least grounded in a sense of reality. You would be wrong, but at least we’re focusing on things Trump actually says.

Accusations like Nance’s come out of pure fantasy — but they’re purposeful.

When their enemy is some vague, ghost-like “subliminal message,” leftists have nothing to fight. As much as they would like to, they can’t control a thought. But in this case, it’s not completely about control.

They have no intention of combating white supremacy on any serious front; instead, they want to shove Trump supporters outside of the acceptable political sphere.

They want to label Trump and his base white supremacists so that they can be excused from not taking him, them, or any of their ideas or opinions seriously.

Do you think Trump is subliminally communicating with white supremacists?
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As the Democratic presidential primary has shown so far, they can’t be trusted with deciding whom to allow in polite political society. Former President Barack Obama, who is still extremely popular among the Democratic electorate, saw his policies shellacked in the last debate.

Think about that. Leftists want us to live in a nation where Barack Obama is considered too conservative — a thought that would be laughable if it weren’t so terrifying.

The right cannot let them get away with this.

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Cade graduated Lyon College with a BA in Political Science in 2019, and has since acted as an assignment editor with The Western Journal. He is a Christian first, conservative second.
Cade graduated Lyon College with a BA in Political Science in 2019, and has since acted as an assignment editor with The Western Journal. He is a Christian first, conservative second.
BA Political Science, Lyon College (2019)