MSNBC Guest: Mueller Testimony Was Like Vietnam Hero Saving a Wounded Marine


Is testifying before Congress akin to rushing to save a struggling brother-in-arms on a battlefield? At least one liberal journalist seems to think so.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller has long been regarded as a hero by commentators on the left. But following an uninspiring performance at a pair of House hearings Wednesday in which the 74-year-old lawyer appeared clumsy and confused, the bizarre trend of liberal Mueller worship was expected to abate.

An MSNBC guest, however, took the adoration one step further Thursday, comparing Mueller’s testimony to his service as a U.S. Marine in Vietnam.

Journalist Mike Barnicle, a frequent contributor on the network, said on “Morning Joe” that he had the perfect analogy for “anybody seeking a metaphor for yesterday.”

“Read the Bronze Star citation for Robert Mueller, who literally went back out onto the field through a stream — a field — of fire to rescue a Marine who was wounded,” he said, referencing a decoration Mueller received for his heroism in Vietnam.

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“That’s what he did yesterday. He was in the field of fire for the country. He went back into the field yesterday for this country, to protect and preserve this country,” Barnicle continued.

The absurd comparison was merely par for the course for a journalist who spent Wednesday tweeting insults about GOP representatives involved in the Mueller hearings.

Do you think Barnicle's praise of Mueller is warranted?

“Get the marbles out of your mouth!!” Barnicle rhetorically suggested to Georgia Rep. Doug Collins.

Rep. Debbie Lesko of Arizona acted like a “heat stroke victim,” he said.

And Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert had “not even a room temp IQ.”

In sum, the Republican Party is “officially dead; intellectually, morally, politically, historically,” Barnicle wrote.

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From his exaggerated praise of Mueller to his extreme critique of the GOP, Barnicle has indeed proven a point, though not the one he was trying to make.

Establishment media commentators have fallen victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Mike Barnicle is just the latest example.

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