Musk Has a Plan if Big Tech Overlords Boot Twitter from Their App Stores - They Wouldn't Be Able to Touch Him


Elon Musk already has a plan if Big Tech overlords attempt to stifle his vision for Twitter.

Musk indicated that he’ll move to manufacture his own smartphone if companies such as Apple and Google move to purge Twitter from their respective app stores.

Musk said as such in a Friday tweet responding to conservative commentator Liz Wheeler.

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Big Tech overlords have barred platforms from download on their public app stores before.

Some removals have been all but blatantly connected to content censorship policies and political considerations.

Parler was yanked from both Apple and Google’s app stores after the Jan. 6, 2021 disturbance, only to return for download at a subsequent date.

Other apps, such as Gab, have never been approved for download on the app stores of the Big Tech companies.

Would you buy an “EPhone?”

Musk’s initiative to bolster free speech protections at Twitter and restore accounts of some users suspended from the service has raised concerns that Big Tech could clamp down on Twitter’s app store status.

The app remains available for download on both the iPhone and Google’s Android phone.

A phone independent of Big Tech control would preclude such backhanded attempts at censorship by these companies.

One of Musk’s followers even suggested a potential name for the product, calling it the “EPhone.”

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Musk, ever the technologist, is arguably in a unique position to create a smartphone independent of Big Tech influence.

Musk’s extensive background in both technology and manufacturing would instantly give the project the attention of major investors and his peers in the tech world.

In any event, it’s hard to imagine Apple and Google daring to purge Musk’s Twitter from the internet, considering the possible consequences.

Should Musk create a new phone free of the censorious tyranny of Big Tech, both legacy tech companies would stand to lose massive portions of their current market share.

While such a prospect is likely enough to prevent the tech companies from even attempting a de facto internet assassination, it’d be interesting to see how far the “EPhone” would get if its creation became a reality.

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