National Trump PAC Launches Huge Effort to Unseat Sheriff Israel -- Sign Today


Law-abiding Americans are growing increasingly frustrated at the blame-shifting by government officials who refuse to take responsibility for their own inaction and wrong-doing.

Following the deadly school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school earlier this month, there has been an outcry for the head of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Scott Israel to resign.

Now, one group is taking action to make that happen.

The Committee to Defend the President — America’s leading pro-Trump super PAC — is launching a nationwide digital petition campaign demanding Israel resign in light of his repeated failures to defend Parkland students.

“Fifteen kids died while four Broward County Sheriff Deputies stood outside and did nothing,” the petition states. “After the fact, Sheriff Israel — the man in charge — pointed the finger at the NRA and at President Trump rather than admit his utter failure. Demand Sheriff Israel take responsibility for his own actions and resign effective immediately.”

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Israel deflected any responsibility for errors he or his deputies made — and touted his own “amazing leadership” to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday.

In addition to shirking the role his leadership played in failing to prevent the shooting, Israel has pointed the blame at others including his own deputies and the National Rifle Association. He has also used the crisis to push for more federal spending, increased gun control and more power in the hands of the government.

Should Sheriff Scott Israel resign?

“Sheriff Israel should resign immediately,” declared super PAC committee chairman Ted Harvey.

“Not only did his office fail to protect the children of Parkland, but he continues to deflect responsibility by blaming the tragedy on President Trump and promoting a left-wing gun control agenda — all while touting his own ‘amazing leadership.’ We will hold him accountable for his failures. The victims and their families deserve nothing less.”

The sheriff and his department also failed to respond to the dozens of tips they received warning them about Nikolas Cruz and his potential to hurt himself or others.

A Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy was told by an anonymous caller on February 2016, for instance, that Cruz had threatened on Instagram to shoot up his school, the Miami Herald reported.

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Again, in November 2017, a caller from Massachusetts called the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to report that Cruz was collecting guns and knives and could be a “school shooter in the making.”

No apparent action was taken in either case.

When Nikolas Cruz finally acted on his violent threats, the school resource officer and Broward County deputy Scot Peterson stood outside the high school and waited, rather than going in and confronting the shooter.

Unlike Israel, Peterson resigned.

“A deputy in charge of protecting the school, Scot Peterson, resigned Thursday after it emerged he himself failed to go into the building, taking shelter behind a concrete column for four minutes as the 19-year-old gunned down anyone in his path,” Fox News reported.

To make matters worse, Sheriff Israel also does not have a record of ethical practices within the department, including his behavior during a 2016 run for reelection.

As reported by an August 2016 report by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, “Sheriff Scott Israel has hired from the ranks of his political supporters, building a community outreach wing his critics say doubles as a re-election team.

“Israel’s opponents say he’s built a publicly funded political machine, paying back supporters with jobs and using them to keep him in office. They say the money could be better spent, particularly after the sheriff complained about not having enough funding to secure the county courthouse, where a murder suspect recently escaped,” the report continued.

Sheriff Israel is a lesson in failed leadership and one that must not be repeated.

Sign the petition and share this on Facebook if you believe Sheriff Israel should resign from his post immediately.

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