Nature Is Now Racist: Lib Magazine Says Systemic Racism Keeps Black People from the Outdoors


At what point do the anti-racists just become the racists?

That is the question prompted by the sort of predatory racial essentialism emanating from places like Outside magazine, which this week published a piece attacking nature for being racist.

For those unaware, there is apparently a “nature gap,” which refers to the supposedly unequal access to nature and its advantages.

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Approximately 150 years ago, when institutional racism was legal and lynch mobs ruled Southern streets, black Americans were taught not to stray from their local communities lest they encounter members of the Klan or other badly motivated cretins.

This meant that the outdoors was off-limits.

“To figure out the root of the issue for Black Americans and to break down the systemic rungs that can make or break access to the outdoors,” the Outside piece explained, “we took a deeper dive into the foundations of ownership, access, and the perceived threats of violence that have kept — and continue to discourage — Black people from enjoying our outdoor public spaces, from national parks to the forest lands on which ski resorts operate.”

What are these systemic rungs?

Will America become less racist by searching for racism in all aspects of American life?

These would be the usual suspects because leftism is a most unoriginal ideology.

Federal redlining, which was outlawed in 1968; Jim Crow racial segregation, which was made illegal in 1964; and sundown towns, of which there are currently none because lynching is not tolerated anymore.

So who is responsible for this?

Naturally, systems of power — and, of course, unnamed Americans who say things that nobody actually says.

“Like many outdoor spaces, safety and access in the mountains are still new to Black Americans. When I moved to Colorado, people advised me to ‘be careful’ — and they weren’t talking about animal encounters or other trail hazards.”

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This is foolishness.

The United States is not a country anymore in which its black citizens are the perpetual victims of racism in their communities or in the vast wilderness.

Statistically, black Americans are more likely to be killed by other black Americans than by whites or members of any other group, including the police.

Economically, the factor obstructing the ascent of black workers is not racism but failure to graduate high school, participate in the labor force and have children inside wedlock.

And rhetorically, the only group of people keeping race at the forefront of the public discourse is those who see it as a boon for ratings or a club with which to beat their neighbors into submission on matters political.

All facets of life must be rendered a battlefront in the great political conflict within which leftists occupy the high ground atop the hill of moral superiority.

Milling about below, often completely unaware of their participation in this conflict, are those unenlightened Americans wanting to move beyond racism and being sniped at as punishment.

For this reason, outlets like Outside magazine must align themselves with leftist principles, throwing sops to the mob lest they be lumped in with those awful people who think race should not be a defining feature of American life.

There is a simple way to fight back against this.

Americans should stop reading from media outlets that cater to the woke, cease cheering for athletes protesting against American ideals and quit voting for people who encourage this sort of racial nonsense.

This all begins with a rejection of the leftist premise that all aspects of American life are shot through with racism.

This happens not to be the case anymore.

At this point in American history, with the exception of the marginalized alt-right, leftists are the only ones who go hiking and count the number of black people on the trail with them.

The anti-racists and the racists do, in fact, have racism quite in common.

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