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After Nearly 50 Years, Regis and Joy Philbin's Marriage Is 'A True Love Story'


It’s always endearing to hear of a couple that has weathered life’s trials for decades, and it’s even more surprising when the couple has overcome great trials or persevered in the difficult world of entertainment.

But Regis and Joy Philbin just might be one of those enduring couples, as they’re set to celebrate their 50th anniversary on March 1.

Married in 1970, the couple has two adult children and years of hosting shows between them.

They had and still have quite a bit of sass left in them, which is apparent in multiple interviews.

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In a 2011 interview with Parade, the two playfully took stabs at each other while talking about their recent appearance in an Advil commercial.

“We play a lot of tennis and we work out at the gym three or four times a week,” Regis said. “As you get older, you feel those aches and pains, so Advil’s become a friend in the house.”

“If we win at tennis, then we’re totally in love for the rest of the day, but it can really trigger an ugly evening if one of us isn’t playing well,” Joy said.

“We’re not as bad as we used to be,” Regis explained. “It used to destroy an evening dinner if we played poorly — and one of us of course played poorly a lot of times.”

“One of us doesn’t like to warm up!” Joy added.

Even in a more recent brush, when reporters asked the two what their secret was, they were both in fine form.

“Here’s my question: What’s the secret to a perfect marriage? Seems like you guys have it,” the reporter asked.

“He’s always wrong,” Joy explained, “and I’m always right.”

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“You know what, that’s a great question and this is the answer,” Regis said, but then pretended to be offended that his wife would say such a thing,

“Well you pretend to be wrong, that’s what it is,” Joy clarified. “That’s the important thing.”

“Don’t write that, don’t let anybody know what Joy says,” Regis said, walking away but still escorting his wife to their car.

When one of the reporters said “You’re a lucky man” after Regis got his wife settled in the passenger’s side of the car, he retorted with “I don’t know anymore.”

Their sarcasm and snark seem to be a staple, as even in their 2011 interview, the same question was answered with similar jabs.

“What is the secret, Joy?” Regis asked. “My fear of you?”

“There’s just something about Regis,” Joy said. “There’s always something new on the horizon and it keeps our lives active and fun. I’d rather be with Regis than any other person in the world.”

Beyond their witty remarks, it’s clear to many that Regis and Joy are truly meant for one another.

“Regis worships the ground Joy walks on,” an anonymous source told Closer Weekly earlier this year. “They truly are best friends.”

“Everyone loves Regis and Joy, they’re great company, have amazing stories, and they [compliment] each other perfectly. It’s one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting marriages and a true love story.”

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