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Neighborhood Puts Together Parade to Celebrate Adoption of 3 Siblings from Foster Care


Kids in foster homes face a long and potentially treacherous journey before finding their families, and siblings in foster care need a miracle to be able to stay together, let alone be adopted together.

Jennifer Tveter of Derry, New Hampshire, was a miracle worker for a trio of siblings named Jonathan, 10, Madeline, 8, and Benjamin, 6, who had spent more than four years in the care of the state Division of Children, Youth and Families.

In 2019, Tveter began fostering the three children. This year, she adopted them.

Taking on three children at once is no simple feat, but taking on three children with a past is noble and yet deeply necessary work indeed.

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Tveter is uniquely qualified to help kids like Jonathan, Madeline and Benjamin. She has a supportive family and works for an anti-domestic violence organization and knew what the siblings would need to be able to begin healing and start thriving.

“The beginning was extremely difficult,” Tveter told Metro. “We had therapists in our house every single day.

“The first year we focused on the children feeling safe, working on trauma and crisis control. The second year we could start working on bonding and learning how to be a kid. They have come such a long way.”

On March 29, the adoptions were made official, and the neighborhood showed up to celebrate with a drive-by parade. There were balloons, signs and honking, all celebrating the new family.

One display in particular has struck a chord with many viewers. A hand-lettered sign read, “We’ve waited … 4 years, 4 months + 28 days for today!”

That’s half of Madeline’s life and more than half of Benjamin’s — but they’re home now, and with a mom like Tveter, they are in very capable and loving hands.

“Now they just get to be children and heal and be happy and loved. And they are so loved,” she said, according to WMUR-TV.

“It’s not just me. It’s my entire family. They aren’t just happy they are relieved that no one is going to hurt them again.”

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The family continues to grow: they also welcomed Finnegan, a baby boy, into their lives and it appears his older siblings are smitten.

They’ve had the space to be able to contemplate their futures, as well, and they each shared their career goals with ABC News.

“When I grow up, I want to be a sketch artist for the police,” Jonathan said.

“I want to help foster kids,” Madeline said.

And Benjamin? Benjamin wants to be a baker.

The three are thrilled to be in their new, permanent home, and shared how they were feeling about the finalization of the adoption.

“I feel so happy,” Madeline said.

“It is the best day of my whole entire life,” Jonathan added.

Jonathan also had some encouragement for other kids who, like he did, wonder if they will ever get out of the foster system: “Even if it takes a long time, you’ll still find the perfect family for you too.”

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