Fervent NeverTrumper Does 180 After Year of Massive Trump Successes


She was never a supporter of Donald Trump for president of the United States, but now that she’s seen his success in office, one Republican journalist openly admitted she’s “thrilled” he’s the man in the White House.

Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, wrote a column in The Washington Post to explain why she did not formerly support the president, but now applauds his achievements in office.

Hemingway explained that she expected President Trump to be progressive, liberal, cater towards corporations and fail to keep his promises.

But one year into his presidency, all that has changed.

Hemingway cited Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as the first turning point.

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Her support for President Trump snowballed from there on.

“He has appointed 12 outstanding federal appellate judges — a record number for a president in his first year,” Hemingway wrote.

“By comparison, President Barack Obama had only three in his first year,” she explained.

The journalist also cited other victories — the U.S. departure from the Paris climate accord, revoking the Clean Power Plan, historic corporate tax reform, victory over the Islamic State group and deregulation as just a few reasons why she now is happy Trump is in the Oval Office.

Have you changed your mind about President Trump?

“If Trump were ever inclined to indulge his liberal tendencies after winning the election, the stridency and spite of his opponents have provided him with no incentives to do so,” she wrote.

“My expectations were low — so low that he could have met them by simply not being President Hillary Clinton. But a year into this presidency, he’s exceeded those expectations by quite a bit. I’m thrilled,” Hemingway concluded.

If Hemingway was able to share her story in such a public way, imagine how many others have changed their minds about President Trump after seeing his massive success in the Oval Office.

Hemingway certainly isn’t the only one. Many Republicans had a hard time getting on board the Trump train, but after Trump’s showed he knew what he was doing in office, they’ve decided to come along for the ride.

And what a ride it’s been. The future only gets better from here.

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