New Book: Biden Sharply Attacks Conservative Media in Scathing Jab at Free Press


President Joe Biden is said to have attacked the owner of Fox News and the company itself, according to a new book.

Progressive CNN host Brian Stelter reported that Biden attacked Rupert Murdoch as “the most dangerous man in the world” while speaking to an associate in a 2021 conversation, according to the book.

Murdoch is the longtime owner of Fox News’ parent organization, Fox Corporation.

The Australian-born billionaire has become a target of criticism from American liberals unwilling to accept scrutiny of the Democratic Party in the media.

“This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future” is slated for release in May.

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Biden reportedly identified Fox News “as one of the most destructive forces in the United States” in another conversation detailed in the book.

The White House declined to comment when asked by CNN about the book’s claims.

Biden has never directly addressed Murdoch before, with such criticism likely to undermine the Democrat’s claims of support for a free and independent press.

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Authoritarian leaders throughout history have sought to silence media outlets that criticize them.

The establishment media has failed to scrutinize Biden as president, instead often opting to relitigate old arguments from Donald Trump’s presidency and focus on Republican elected officials.

Corporate cable news channels, such as CNN and MSNBC, have languished in the ratings basement since Biden’s inauguration, unable to offer a 24/7 reality show to liberal viewers focused on former President Donald Trump.

Executives at CNN’s parent company are already eyeing a thorough reform of the liberal news channel.

Discovery’s John Malone is working to terminate the employment of hosts associated with political partisanship and misinformation.

Poorly performing personalities, such as Stelter and Don Lemon, have tenuous job security at the channel. Both men were close with disgraced former CEO Jeff Zucker.

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President Biden frequently spars with Fox News journalists who question the president at official events.

Earlier this year, Biden called Fox’s Peter Doocy a “dumb son of a b****” in response to a question about inflation, failing to realize he was speaking into an active microphone.

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