New Study Reveals How Many Full-Time Jobs Are the Equivalent of Being a Mom


A 40-hour work week is fairly standard for many Americans. Work more than that, and you’re on the verge of being called a workaholic.

If you went from working an 8-hour day to working a 14-hour, you’d probably complain about it. And yet that is exactly what millions of women are doing every day.

There can be quite a bit of stigma regarding the role of stay-at-home-moms, and women who hold down a job and care for a family are pulled in many directions as well.

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Physically having a child may be pretty straightforward, but caring for children so that they grow up into kind, intelligent, productive members of society is an entirely different matter.

A recent study has suggested what most moms already know: the average mom, with all her work and the sacrifice of her time, holds the equivalent of 2.5 jobs.

It should be pretty obvious when you think about it, if you haven’t already. Moms are caretakers, personal chefs, maids, taxi drivers, and more, even when they also hold down a job of their own.

Moms and their contributions can be overlooked because mothers have been mothering since the beginning of time.

It’s easy to assume they just do what they do, and will continue to. But when you break it down, it’s really an intense labor of love.

The study, run by Welch’s, surveyed 2,000 moms of children under 12. They uncovered some other surprising facts.

Most moms seemed to start their workday at 6:23 a.m. and finish a little after 8:30 p.m. A week of that is almost 100 hours of work, which is more than most people would ever dream of working.

Though moms are often at home with their little ones, that doesn’t mean they’re sitting around watching reality television and eating cookies.

The survey revealed that most moms get a mere hour and change to themselves. Which is probably why there are so many videos online of moms locking themselves in closets or rooms with a few Oreos or a chocolate bar just to get a moment of peace.

There are a few other coping methods that moms bank on to get through their days. Some moms reach for a glass of wine, make a stop at a local drive-thru for a quick dinner, or have a babysitter they can swap roles with for a bit.

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And every mom knows the necessity of the sacred bean: few can function without their morning cup of coffee. Or their mid-morning cup. Or their afternoon pick-me-up.

Forget Keurig. These wonder women need 10-cup carafes to deal with all the shenanigans they put up with and the overtime they put in.

Everyone has a mom, but some of us are fortunate to have had wonderful role models and lovely childhoods. Remember to thank your mother for all the sacrifices she’s made for you!

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