News Reporter Braves Floodwaters To Save Dog That Had Been Swept Away


On Sunday, May 20, firefighters and police officers in San Antonio, Texas, were called to the scene of a flood to rescue a woman who had gotten caught in the water.

The rescue was successful, and most emergency responders left shortly afterwards.

Members of the media stuck around to capture images of the flood, assuming the most harrowing part of the evening had come to a close.

But soon, Spectrum News reporter Sarah Duran spotted what looked like a water bottle floating in the water.

Within moments, she realized the small item was actually a little dog clinging to the edge of a drainage ditch, trying to fight the current to stay alive.

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“I was like, oh my God, guys! I think there is a dog in the water,” she explained. “I thought it was actually a water bottle but no, I noticed he had little eyes and it was a dog!”

The reporter alerted a police officer still on the scene. San Antonio Park Police Officer David Ramirez quickly raced over with a rope and began to attempt to lasso the dog to safety.

When it became clear that the rope was not working, Ramirez knew he had to come up with a plan before it was too late.

Looking at the members of the media, the officer soon spotted San Antonio Express-News reporter Alexandro Luna.

“He pointed to Alex and was like – you! You want to get down there,” Duran said.

“You! You’re thin,” Luna remembered Ramirez saying to him. Luna agreed to the rescue mission and quickly began to prepare.

Luna tied the officer’s rope around himself and the media group worked together to lower him towards the water.

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Thankfully, once he was within arms reach of the little pup, Luna was able to pull the dog out of the water and return to safety.

According to Ramirez, the little dog has since been turned over to Animal Care Services.

“Seeing that poor little guy in the water was heart-breaking!” Luna said. “It made me happy to see everyone come together to rescue him.”

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