Newsom Gets Torched After He's Caught Doing the Exact Thing the Left Blasted Ted Cruz For Doing


California’s leftist governor Gavin Newsom is being blasted for taking a vacation while Californians struggle to deal with the effects of a devastating winter storm.

Tens of thousands of California residents are trapped in their homes without power after a massive winter storm battered parts of the state, but Gov. Newsom is nowhere to be found.

That is because, according to Fox News, Newsom is away on “personal travel.” He left California on Wednesday after visiting the Diablo Canyon power plant in Avila Beach, and it is not known where he has traveled.

Naturally, the governor’s decision to take a vacation while a massive weather disaster unfolds in his state has raised some eyebrows with several critics roasting him for his decision.

GOP Rep. Kevin Kiley, who represents the state’s 3rd Congressional District in the House of Representatives, took aim at Newsom’s absence on  Twitter.

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“Californians are trapped in their homes without power. More storms are on the way. And Governor Newsom has just left the state for ‘personal travel,'” the congressman wrote.

Kiley’s district encompasses much of California’s Sierra Nevada range, which was buried under nearly 12 feet of snow between Feb. 23 and March 1, USA Today reported.

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The storms have knocked out electricity and blocked mountain highways that bring food and supplies into rural communities. More snow is predicted this weekend.

In another tweet, Kiley called on Acting Gov. Eleni Kounalakis “to immediately seek a Major Disaster Declaration from the President. Our residents are cut off from power and basic supplies.”

Emily Hoeven, a columnist for the San Fransisco Chronicle, also took to Twitter to blast Newsom, saying that it “May not have been the best timing for Newsom to go out of state on personal travel.”

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What makes this whole thing ironic is the fact that two years ago, Sen. Ted Cruz was blasted by the left for doing the exact same thing while similar problems occurred in Texas.

In February 2021, wind turbines in Texas froze, leaving thousands of residents without power. During this crisis, Sen. Cruz was heavily criticized by the left for taking his family on vacation to Mexico while people in his home state were freezing in their homes.

Yet they are now completely silent on Newsom’s actions, which are much worse than what Cruz did in 2021.

Cruz is a federal official, and there is very little he could have done to help alleviate the situation in Texas. Newsom, on the other hand, is the governor of California, and thus he needs to be in charge of the state’s response to this disaster.

Instead, he went gallivanting off to who knows where while at home, the people he is supposed to serve are trapped in their homes without power.

With this kind of behavior in the face of state crises, it is no wonder that many Californians are becoming fed up with his leadership and are beginning to question whether he really is the best one to lead the state.

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