Nightmarish Shooting in Gun-Controlled Country Proves Dems' Schemes for Gun Control Don't Work


Six people, including two police officers, were shot and killed during a harrowing six-hour standoff in Australia this week in a shocking incident spotlighting that strict gun control laws do not stop gun crimes.

The tragedy unfolded on Monday when four officers arrived at a home in Wieambilla, a rural area in the state of Queensland.

Police were responding to reports of a missing person.

Constables Matthew Arnold, 26, and Rachel McCrow, 29, were shot and killed as they approached the property, Queensland police said in a statement.

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During the standoff, 58-year-old Alan Sure, a neighbor who came over to investigate the commotion, was also shot and killed, authorities said.

Two other police officers — Randall Kirk and Keely Brough, both 28 — were also shot, but they were treated at a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The three suspects have since been identified as brothers Nathaniel Train and Gareth Train, as well as Gareth’s wife, Stacey Train, according to Australia’s ABC News.

Nathaniel Train was the individual who had been reported as missing.

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All three individuals were shot and killed by tactical police toward the end of the six-hour standoff.

A family dispute spawned the deadly incident, according to The Guardian. Stacey Train, who had married Nathaniel Train in 1995 when they were in their late teens, left him to pursue a relationship with his brother, and they eventually married.

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll paid tribute to the constables and other first responders, saying the incident underscores how dangerous police work can be.

“Tragically, this is the largest loss of life the QPS has suffered in one single incident in recent times,” Carroll said in a statement early Tuesday. “It is [a] sad reminder of the unpredictable nature of policing and the incredible dangers our officers face while protecting our community.”

Australia has strict gun control laws that differ from state to state. According to CBS News, the laws generally:

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  • Force people to give a legitimate reason to own a gun. Self-defense is not considered a legitimate reason.
  • Ban the sale and importation of automatic and semiautomatic rifles and shotguns.
  • Force people to wait 28 days to buy a firearm.

Despite how tightly regulated guns are in Australia, this horrific shooting still took place.

Similarly, there have been mass shootings this year in Denmark and Germany, both of which have strict gun-control laws.

These tragedies show that stringent gun control laws do not prevent shootings, for an obvious reason: Criminals do not follow laws and often acquire guns unlawfully.

If gun-control laws worked, shootings would not be so common in Democrat-run cities such as Chicago. But they are.

Essentially, U.S. gun control laws restrict the rights of law-abiding Americans while doing little to deter criminal thugs from terrorizing the public.

What’s especially alarming is that Democrats and their establishment media allies are pushing to further erode our Second Amendment right to self-defense after they demonized and disempowered the police and incentivized lawlessness with their soft-on-crime policies.

This is not a winning strategy for enhancing public safety or confidence in our government.

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