No Thanks: Ohio Democrat Senate Campaign Rejects Help from Toxic Lincoln Project


Remember the Lincoln Project?

Looks like they’ve worn out their welcome with the progressive Democrats that backed the group in 2020.

The group bragged that it’s planning to run hit pieces in Ohio targeting JD Vance, a populist conservative who secured the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate earlier this week.

In a bizarre word salad identifying races in which the hit piece group plans to interfere, the Lincoln Project identified Vance as a “Hawlesque advocate” who would support former President Donald Trump’s America First policies.

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But it wasn’t Vance’s campaign that objected to the establishment political consultants trying to insert themselves into Ohio’s election.

Izzi Levy, a communications director for Vance’s Democrat opponent Tim Ryan, rebuffed the Lincoln Project’s announcement.

Should the Lincoln Project disband?

The RINO group, once beloved by liberal cable news hosts and coastal progressives for creating red meat for Democrats, has seen its prestige decline in left-wing politics.

The group’s co-founder, John Weaver, was exposed as a homosexual groomer last year, having sexually coerced young men involved in politics with promises of job opportunities.

Another RINO operative associated with the group, Steve Schmidt, purchased a luxury home in Utah as the group raked in nearly $100 million from gullible liberals in 2020, according to Fox News.

The group puppeteered a disgraceful stunt in the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial elections, seeking to tar Glenn Youngkin through a dishonest association with fake white nationalists.

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The series of embarrassments caused even the group’s former supporters to question why it still exists — other than the financial enrichment of establishment political consultants.

Ryan faces an uphill road to victory against Vance in Ohio, a state that’s become increasingly conservative, in a political environment considered poor for Democrats.

At least one of his campaign staffers understands that an extremist group, such as the Lincoln Project, can only burden his prospects.

And yet, the Lincoln Project has provided no indication that it intends to back off from providing “help” in Ohio.

Perhaps JD Vance will owe them a “Thank You” card after they pad his margin of victory in November by discrediting Ryan.

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