Did You Notice Rand Paul Help Cop Get Back on His Feet After 'Bloodthirsty' BLM Mob Knocked Him Down?


Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is cut from a different fabric than most elected officials.

In addition to being a purist with regard to conservative policy positions, the Republican is a practicing physician and is tough as nails, if you hadn’t noticed.

Clocking in at a modest 5 feet, 8 inches tall, the 57-year-old is as resilient in spirit as famed 19th century frontiersman Hugh Glass, and that is in addition to being quite the intellectual.

Working alongside braindead swamp creatures in Washington must be challenging for the Republican, but thankfully he’s willing to do it.

He’s also the kind of man who is willing to reach out and offer a helping hand to another while being attacked by angry leftists.

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Last Thursday, Paul and his wife Kelley were swarmed by a “bloodthirsty mob,” as Kelley described it to Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, while leaving the White House following the conclusion of the Republican National Convention.

The crowd surrounded Paul and his wife, shouting at them over the death of Breonna Taylor who was accidentally killed by police during the service of a no-knock warrant in Louisville in March.

Both Paul and Kelley later thanked officers of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia online for protecting them after they made it away from the scene safely.

But if you look closely at video of the incident, you can actually see the senator reach out to help an officer who was nearly knocked off his feet.

You can also see Paul’s concern for the safety of Kelley, as he kept one arm on her and another on the officer.

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Paul, who has been repeatedly targeted by leftists, was still concerned with the safety of those around him, despite the gravity of the situation.

The senator, who tested positive for the coronavirus in March, must have nerves of steel.

He later told Fox News he believed he would have been killed by the mob if not for the police protection.

If you’ve never been surrounded by an angry mob of leftists, it’s not a pleasant experience. Groups like the one that targeted Paul are driven by bloodlust, and you can feel it.

I made the mistake of leaving President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 20, alone, while wearing a red Make America Great Again hat.

Being a local, I knew the shortcuts, and I thought I’d avoid the chaos, but I was wrong.

I was discovered, followed and called nearly every word but “handsome,” and I probably would have found some level of physical harm, if not for the presence of the Oklahoma National Guard.

I am but a lowly writer and a staunch supporter of our president, to offer full disclosure.

The mob didn’t know my level of support for President Trump, nor my chosen vocation, but the hat was enough to elicit the threat of violence.

The D.C. mob, though, knew exactly who Paul was, and that mob swarmed him with a fury that I cannot fathom.

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No matter how tough a man or woman might be, one versus 100 is a losing proposition, so it’s best to keep your eyes forward and keep walking in such a situation.

Paul has experienced political violence on an unimaginable level, and yet he didn’t cower and expect officers to use themselves as human shields for him and Kelley as they escaped to safety.

Paul was violently assaulted by a leftist neighbor in 2017 — even losing a part of a lung.

The same year, Paul was standing near then-House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise when the Louisiana Republican was shot by a leftist madman at a practice for the annual congressional baseball game.

Paul knows the dangers some of these people pose.

Yet he stopped, reached out and helped to keep a police officer from falling to the ground, which is the last place a person wants to be in a near-riot situation.

In that moment, the senator, his wife and their police escorts were all on one team, and Paul wouldn’t let a teammate go down.

If you think about it, Paul has attempted to do the same thing while in congress.

Paul is a rare gem of a lawmaker who has spent his entire career standing tall while attempting to protect the country from the threats leftist ideas pose to our country’s prosperity and security.

But even physical threats won’t force Paul into cowardice.

Faced with the threat of great bodily harm, or possibly even death, Paul was concerned not only with his own safety, but with the wellbeing of all of those around him.

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