Obama Plagued by Hecklers as He Slams Deployed Troops as 'Political Stunt'


Former President Barack Obama is vocally against the use of troops at the border — but many Americans just made it vocally clear that they’re against him.

During a rally in Miami, Florida, meant to boost turnout for the upcoming midterm election, Obama minimized the immigration problem and dismissed President Donald Trump’s decision to deploy the military to assist the Border Patrol. As he spoke, however, the former president was frequently interrupted by hecklers.

“They’re telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away,” Obama declared, ignoring recent clashes between migrants and police as well as reports of guns and firebombs.

“They’re even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border,” he continued with a tone of bitterness in his voice. “The men and women of our military deserve better than that. So they’re just constant fear-mongering to distract from the record.”

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It wasn’t clear which “record” Obama meant. Perhaps it was the record low unemployment for black Americans and Hispanics or the booming job market.

According to Fox News, the former president’s Florida appearance was interrupted numerous times. “Sir, don’t curse in front of kids. Come on,” he scolded at one point.

Yeah, hecklers. Save the cursing for Obama’s vice president on national television.

The 44th president claimed he enjoyed being taunted even as he bantered with protesters. “This is what I look forward to — is having a few hecklers to get me back in the mood,” Obama said. “I enjoy that. You always got to have a few in order to know that you’re on the campaign trail.”

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But he quickly changed his tone and seemed annoyed that protesters had come into the venue.

“If you support the other candidates, then you should go support the other candidates. Don’t be here,” he chastised.

“One of the things I never understood was why if you’re supporting the other guy, you come to my rally,” he continued. “Go to their rally.”

Hey Barack, maybe you should tell that to the leftist protesters who heckle Republicans endlessly, follow lawmakers around the Capitol harassing them, and even force conservatives out of restaurants. The double standard is a bit revealing.

“This Tuesday might be the most important election of our lifetime,” Obama declared from the podium. “The stakes really are that high. The consequences of any of us staying home really are more dangerous.”

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Wait, what happened to being against “fear mongering?”

Hypocrisy aside, he is right about one thing: This election is important, and it’s going to come down to voter turnout. Liberals who support open borders and sanctuary cities are going to be showing up to the polls. Are you?

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