Officer Reportedly Survives Bullet to Chest After Pocket Bible Saves His Life: 'It Was a Miracle'


Jeanine Añez has declared herself the interim Bolivian president as of Nov. 12. She brought a large, leather-bound Bible with her, promising the people that former leader Evo Morales’ time in power had come to a close.

“The Bible has returned to the government palace,” she said, according to Fox News. “My commitment is to return democracy and tranquility to the country. They can never again steal our vote.”

Her stepping up to the presidential plate has caused an uproar amongst citizens, and protesters were in fine form as she took the title.

The Bible she held is not the only one making headlines recently, as a police officer from 450 miles away says a Bible is the reason he is alive today.

Protesters amassed in different areas, and one group in Yapacani was especially unruly. They’d apparently taken both weapons and teargas from police, and turned the stolen goods against their former owners.

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As law enforcement pressed in, they were fired upon. According to the Daily Mail, the cop credits his survival to the little, blue Bible he had on him that day.

Head of the Special Force being deployed, Oscar Gutierrez, said the officer had been carrying “a Bible that stopped the projectile.” Gutierrez also said that when asked, the cop said: “Yes, it was a miracle.”

“He is a young officer whose life was saved miraculously, he was shot by a projectile, I assume of 9mm calibre, and I know the weapons used were stolen from the Bolivian police,” Gutierrez said.

Photos of the amazing scene show the small, pocket-sized bible with a hole through it.

“If with us GOD who against us,” a translation of a post from Wednesday read. “A BIBLE SAVES THE LIFE OF A POLICE.”

“Who said that miracles do not exist,” the post continued. It stated that the cop was saved by “small bible that he carried in the pocket of his bulletproof vest at chest height,” as the “9 millimeter projectile passed the same and was embedded in the Holy Bible.”

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The officer was reportedly doing well and will return to work soon, according to Bolivian news outlets as reported by Daily Mail.

Similar cases have been confirmed before, with people telling stories about books stopping bullets and phones stopping arrows.

While the officer may not have thought much of bringing his Bible along to a day on the job before now, he’ll probably be keeping it with him from here on out.

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