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Old Woman Thrown out of House She's Lived in for 35 Years. On 89th Birthday, Gets Ultimate Gift


Quick—what are your neighbors’ names? What do they do?

There was a time, not all that long ago, when neighbors weren’t just the people who lived next door to you, they were family.

A Hudson, Florida neighborhood is still like that. Especially after one of its most beloved members has come back.

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After living in her home for 35 years, Angie Tyma never wanted to leave. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a choice.

Several years ago, Angie sold her house but stayed on as a renter. In November she was hit with shocking news: The new owner hadn’t paid the mortgage in months.

Even worse, the house was being put into foreclosure and Angie was being put out onto the street!

Angie told the Today Show, “They threw me out, I couldn’t believe it.” Sadly, that’s exactly what happened. Angie checked into a local Days Inn to try to figure out what to do next.

In fact, some neighbors weren’t sure exactly what was going on at Angie’s. But soon there were trucks arriving to collect her belongings and move them elsewhere.

People met and talked and tried to figure out ways to help. Neighbor Danielle Calder, after discussing options, knew there was really only one thing to do.

She decided to get the house back for Angie.

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As Danielle told Today, “It was the right thing to do. We’re family — the whole neighborhood.”

Danielle reached out to the company that purchased the house in the foreclosure auction, told them the story, and bought the house back.

On Dec. 13, Angie celebrated her 89th birthday. She was invited back to the neighborhood to celebrate. She expected a cake and some cards.

What she got was an amazing outpouring of love and, after three weeks of complimentary breakfasts, an old new place to call home.

Danielle is now Angie’s landlord and that’s perfectly fine with both of them. As Angie told the Tampa Bay Times, “I’m happy I’m home.”

We’re happy that this neighborhood was able to pull together and do something wonderful and unexpected for Angie.

They have demonstrated what it means to actively love and care for the people around you.

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