Op-Ed: Americans Have Been Fed Two Big Lies About Religion - Now We Must Correct Course


Was it God’s design for government to be excluded from any spiritual influence? The answer appears to be an obvious no.

The political and spiritual realms are two sides of the same coin. They may function differently in some respects, but they are closely aligned.

In my view, many regenerate American Christians have intentionally handicapped themselves by choosing to stay out of local, state and federal governmental roles.

When you look around the world at nations where Christians are being persecuted (China, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, etc.), it is mainly because the government has created policies and laws banning them from freely practicing their faith. Anyone who has eyes to see should notice a similar pattern of Christian persecution developing in the United States.

Americans have been fed two lies. (1) If one is religious, or more specifically, Christian, he must check his worldview at the door and remain “neutral” when it comes to politics. (The aberrant application of separation between church and state feeds this thinking.) (2) The delusion that non-Christians or godless people have a neutral, objective worldview since they are not “religious.” I’ll let you in on a secret — they do not!

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The humanist is as religious as the Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc. They do not worship God formally because the self is at the center of their universe, not God. Their code of conduct is derived from their subjective reason, which they view as the authority.

By using a godless moral framework, they freely impose their worldview on you and your children and codify it into law; this is humanism at its finest. Humanist thought is based on relativism and is, therefore, subject to change at any given moment.

With all of the above considered, the attempt to remain “neutral” is synonymous with adopting godless opinions. We are currently seeing the impact of such thinking.

For context, I have created a list of 10 governing principles derived from humanist thought that have an overarching effect on our government and society. While some of these principles may not be fully manifest, you will see the obvious groundwork being laid. These principles are as follows:

  1. Launch sexual fetishes on our children by allowing drag queens to read books to them during story time, because we must introduce diversity, equity and inclusion as early as possible.
  2. Embrace applied critical race theory through “anti-racist” methodology that categorizes whites as oppressors and minorities as oppressed, according to our brilliant educators, sociologists, pundits, etc.
  3. Do away with our Constitution because it is outdated and racist and adopt a socialist way of governance. Perhaps full-scale communism?
  4. Give the state autonomous power because the Founding Fathers were in error to believe our rights are given to us by our Creator. In short, the state gives us our rights, not God (a high-ranking state official recently told me this).
  5. Enforce the delusion (through taxpayer dollars in public schools) that children as young as kindergarteners can choose what gender they are.
  6. Teach our children that they are an evolved species. That is, they are not made in the image and likeness of God, nor do they have intrinsic value; rather, their socioeconomic standing determines their value.
  7. Remove any semblance of absolute truth since absolutes imply that God exists. Perhaps a total revamping of our judicial system is in order since truth is unknowable.
  8. Affirm the 60-plus genders allegedly in existence. Perhaps a 50-year-old man can identify as a 10-year boy and then pursue a relationship with a 13-year-old girl. That would be just, right? We don’t want him to feel “oppressed.”
  9. Celebrate gay and lesbian marriage since “love is love.”
  10. Kill all unwanted babies because that is “reproductive justice.”

The writing is on the wall — America is walking off a ledge. If this nation does not correct course and get on the track of righteousness, disaster lies ahead.

While I could go on and on, the point is that we are currently seeing what happens when the godless govern. If you are a Christian living in this representative republic and have no problem with the above, examine yourself and evaluate your moral conscience.

It would be foolish for Christians not to have a voice in these issues, especially when our nation was founded on Christian principles as a constitutional representative republic. In short, if Christian persecution goes full-steam ahead in America, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

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Rashad Gibson is the founder of United America, which seeks to re-establish American liberty through prayer, truth and integrity ( His passion is to see individuals make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and to see liberty and Judeo-Christian values restored to the United States. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Christian leadership at Liberty University.