Op-Ed: The Best Education Policy Is No Education Policy


Isn’t it odd to think that the hearts and minds of our youth are molded by… policy?

Policy is, after all, the civil government using the threat of violence to make us act a certain way. Isn’t there any area of life in which we can be free? Can’t we at least be free in what we think and the ideas we expose ourselves to?

About the civil government schools, you have heard it all lately: drag queens, critical race theory, mass shootings, outrageous COVID rules. Civil government school enrollment is declining, and kids are finally getting Christian education. But that does not go far enough. Only calls for abolishing the civil government school system will suffice.

When I assert that civil government schools must be abolished, what do I mean? I mean that all education will be private. That there will be home schools, cooperatives, Montessori academies, night schools, trade schools, Christian schools and even liberal schools. None of them will be controlled by the civil government. None of them will be controlled by local Russian-type school boards or the Supreme Court. Abolishing civil government schools means we can assemble with whomever we want, and it means thought freedom.

Why do I assert that civil government schools must be abolished? Because God never gave the civil government the right to use force and coercion to advance thought.

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The civil government — whether it be federal, state, regional or local — has no jurisdiction over man’s thoughts. One man cannot forcefully control another man’s thoughts; he can only punish actions, which is why the civil government bears the physical sword and not the spiritual sword. God gave the discipleship duty to family government; church government is to assist and teach that the civil government has no God-given right to force humanism on our children.

Consider how once upon a time in Virginia there was an established church (disestablished in 1786). Virginians were compelled to tithe to its state-licensed preachers and attend the church, exposing themselves to state-dictated orthodoxy. Sound familiar? If you are repulsed by the civil government mandating that your humanistic neighbor attend church, why are you not repulsed by your humanistic neighbor mandating that your child be exposed to his humanistic lies?

How can we abolish the civil government school system? An increase in private education (including homeschooling) and a decrease in civil government education are two sides of the same coin.

We get our kids out, and then we get more of our kids out. Then, after we have gained political will, we lower property taxes and narrow the compulsory education age window, little by little; we also eliminate other thought laws — anything having to do with education policy. When the time comes, we abolish all 51 departments of education, and we withdraw our participation in regional boards like the Southern Regional Education Board. In essence, we merely reverse what humanists did to us 150 years ago.

To be clear, thought freedom does not comport with vouchers, tax credits or any other post-tax mechanism. You cannot shackle a horse and then complain that it does not run like a thoroughbred. We want freedom — of the pre-tax variety. We do not want bureaucrats putting hurdles between our money and our choices.

Should the civil government school system be abolished?

Consider how much bureaucracy and humanism cost us. Suppose you have 20 children in a civil government school classroom and that the per-pupil expenditure is $10,000. That classroom generates $200,000 in revenue. Now, suppose the teacher is getting paid $50,000. That leaves $150,000 left for facilities and “experts.” Some school districts have over 100 types of employees. Contrast that with a homeschool, which has two: Dad and Mom.

We want the elimination of the entire civil government education administration, and that means it will have none of our tax dollars. Even tax credits take bureaucrats to administer, and we want none of that. If the power to tax is the power to destroy, then we are going to eliminate all civil government taxes related to education. Then the civil government school system will be destroyed.

To be even more clear, we reject waffling preachers who withhold giving congregations full biblical counsel on education. Any preacher who receives money from a congregant employed by the civil government school system should be looked at with suspicion. Preachers should be preaching extraction and abolition. We do not need preachers telling us that it does not matter whether we send our children to a “public school.”

From now on, any preacher who is not man enough to say that we must get our kids out to give them a Christian education should be immediately fired.

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That goes for pro-family organizations, too. If any Christian organization is going to waver on abolition, do not give them a nickel. Their defeat, retreat and repeat tactics have made Christian pro-family organizations losers.

That is why many of them hate Former President Donald J. Trump. Trump asked Republicans, “Why are you not winning?” Well, Republicans did not want to win, so he exposed them. The same goes for many Christian organizations. I ask, “What have you ever accomplished?” You have been wasting our money for years, and what have you to show for it?

From now on, I am putting all of my money into Christian education and abolition, even at the expense of bureaucratic preachers.

Christians, we are in this to win this. Which is why we love Trump. He is a winner. We are winners. Our Savior is a winner. And we are going to win this.

We are going to abolish the civil government school system, and we are going to return this nation to God.

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Kevin R. Novak is a Texas and Virginia attorney and president of Deconstructing the Coliseum, which promotes the abolition of the civil government school system.